MirrorWeb Ltd

The Challenge

We live in a digital world where end users expect content to be accessible and up to date at the click of a button. This puts enormous pressure on the digital, compliance, legal and customer service teams to ensure content available is clear, accurate and not misleading. This pressure is magnified with the level of regulation that surrounds the digital world, meaning that hefty fines and negative impact on brand reputation is a very real end result.

The Solution

MirrorWeb captures a version of a business’ website, social media communications and instant message group & streams. We store this in a state-of-the-art portal which allows a pre-defined list of users to access any archive at any time. It allows information required by compliance, digital and customer service teams to be available 24/7/365 – information that could support a claim against an end user to prove content was accessible and accurate. All archives are stored in the ISO28500 standard WARC format, meaning these are also legally admissible in court.


We archive and monitor;

Social Media Channels
Instant Messaging Platforms

The Importance

Strict record keeping requirements in SEC, MiFID II, FINRA and other regulatory controls demand that regulated businesses capture, store and make available to the regulator on request any communications that result or intend to result in a trade, or that can be construed as ‘advertising’. The technology required is complex and specialist, and we know what problems this causes for businesses that attempt this in-house. MirrorWeb are experts in the field, use cutting edge technology, and employ some of the most advanced developers in the UK to ensure we help you meet all compliance and regulatory needs. Our mission is to protect you as a business from regulator and compliance investigations.

Next steps

Setting up data archiving is easy. Visit our website to book a demo and we’ll show you how we can save you up to 50% on your current archiving and monitoring compliance costs, without compromising on quality.

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