The Challenge

A privately owned FinTech based in the Midlands, UK. moneyinfo is on a mission to make the wealth management industry the best it can be, by taking client engagement to the next level, one ambitious firm at a time, by leveraging its client portal and mobile apps for financial advisers and wealth managers.


Wealth management has traditionally been an industry somewhat “behind the times” in relation to technology. This means that there are inefficiencies in processes that are still very manual, and paper based. Client’s expectations have changed and they expect digital access to their wealth manager for increased security and access to their information whenever and wherever they need it – this is what they can get in all other aspects of their lives.


What’s more, wealth managers are also very aware of the need to connect with their next generation of clients, those clients who will be inheriting future wealth and who are also digital natives. Aside from evolving client needs, the wealth management industry is also facing challenges on the regulatory front. Most notably of which is Consumer Duty, where firms need to be able to really evidence how they act to deliver good outcomes for consumers. Regulation also brings opportunity and drives innovation.

The Solution

moneyinfo technology is proving to be gamechanging for our clients in how it is transforming their businesses. Our firms achieve four-times more client engagement via their branded apps than traditional forms of communication. Further still, the increased efficiency and cost reductions that can be achieved by removing paper and automating repetitive processes allows people to work more efficiently and frees up time to focus on those activities that clients really value – those activities that build strong client relationships and ultimately drive revenue.


moneyinfo strives to improve efficiency through automation of key processes like on-boarding, client reviews, rebalancing exercises, or regular reporting, removing paper and ensuring speedy and secure delivery to the client. Moreover, compliance confidence is achieved as everything is audited against the client so wealth managers can see a timeline of all activity and communication. Finally, through app-based technology we makes sure our firms are ‘future ready’ – enabling them to connect with the next generation of clients now so that they are building relationships with their future clients.


moneyinfo is unique in that we deliver a branded IOS and Android app for all of our client firms. This is vital in delivering a truly engaging client experience on the devices that clients are using and under the brands that they trust. The breadth of functionality in is also something that sets us apart. We’ve had the benefit of working with our fantastic clients over the years to really understand their business processes and how they work with their clients. This means that our features really work with the processes that our clients are working, complementing their wealth management services. 

The Importance

moneyinfo provides branded client and wealth manager portals for desktop, tablet and mobile with apps for IOS and Android. The focus of the moneyinfo offering is on the wealth manager’s clients, putting them at the very heart of their proposition to enhance client loyalty by ensuring they can be with their client at every touchpoint in their lives, complementing human interaction with a really engaging digital experience, 


Providing a unique and personalised experiences is highly coveted in today’s market. Our solution is highly configurable, allowing firms to tailor their client experiences without hefty development or implementation projects. Firms can decide how the experience works for different client segments, they bring in their own content such as videos or blogs and provide a truly tailored experience.


We continue to solve the problems that our competitors have yet to really understand.

Next steps

Please get in touch with our Business Development Director Sim Sangha, [email protected] to discuss your requirements, or visit our website to find out more.


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