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At Oneiro Solutions we drive innovation within the corporate banking industry, with a particular focus on syndicated lending. DLX (the Digital Loan Exchange) is the world’s first entirely digital syndicated loan administration platform.

The Challenge

Syndicated loan administration is a complex financing arrangement between a group of lenders (the syndicate) and a single corporate (the borrower). Banks (the agent) require specialist software to manage this activity. 


Yet banks are using technology that is thirty years out of date. 


Consequently institutions are suffering from error-prone and extremely slow processes. Business is restricted. Smaller, pioneering institutions are excluded altogether due to high implementation costs. 


Our platform, DLX (the Digital Loan Exchange), is the world’s first purely digital, end to end, syndicated loan administration platform.

The Solution

Why DLX?

  • It’s smoother. Processing loans with DLX requires little operational effort and it introduces triple entry accounting.
  • It’s safer. Without DLX, one bank recently made a $900 million error from a single transaction. DLX provides real-time information and self services (online banking) throughout the lifecycle of a syndicated loan, and so increases transparency and removes operational risk. 
  • It’s cleaner. There’s no more need for faxes and emails with DLX. This is cleaner experientially for customers, and cleaner environmentally in terms of paper waste (currently 45 million faxes are sent every year). DLX is purely digital.

The Importance

You’re in good hands with Oneiro. Our founding team has a background in administering syndicated credit within banks, and selling syndicated credit solutions to the market. We know first-hand how underserved the industry is from a technology point of view.


Leveraging our industry experience, we have brought to market the world’s first digital syndicated loan administration tool. 


DLX’s human-centred design makes this business cleaner, more cost-effective and effortless.


We can work with you and your specific needs. DLX can be adopted as a whole new system, or its modules can be implemented in stages.

Next steps

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