One Signal

The Challenge


A quick glance in internet provides the proof: Trading signals exist like sand in the desert. What also impresses right away is that the websites are partly designed in a chaotic and “sensational“ manner. Often they seem to focus less on trading signals than to “bury“ customers with advertising to win them as investors and/or to sell seminars, books and lectures. ONE SIGNAL puts an end to this “hawker´s tray mentality“.

The Solution

ONE SIGNAL exclusively specializes in the generation and delivery of trading signals, which refer to the S&P 500-Index. ONE SIGNAL makes information available revealing the direction in which the prospective market will evolve, providing for this purpose long-, respectively short signals and also, if desired, the corresponding stop figures. ONE SIGNAL is simple, concise and understandable – reduced-to-the-MAX.

The Importance


  1. Repeatedly portfolios based on ONE SIGNAL developed more positively than than the index (over 30% ONE SIGNAL versus 7% S&P 500 p.a.).
  2. The free subscription of ONE SIGNAL lasts 30 days (value: 129 EUR/115 £ tax). This is around 100% longer than the average signals.
  3. ONE SIGNAL is neutral: No securities or stocks are recommended or sold. There is no interest to generate trading.
  4. ONE SIGNAL forgoes annoying advertising, pop-ups and push messages.
  5. ONE SIGNAL is an owner-operated company. Mastermind Ara Yalmanian has been trading based on ONE SIGNAL for more than 15 years.

Next steps

Your profit: 30 day free trial

Do you also want to make more profit with sentiment information from ONE SIGNAL?

Test ONE SIGNAL Premium PLUS without obligation for 30 days (value: 129 EUR/115 £ excl. sales tax) and then decide whether and how you want to further deal with information from ONE SIGNAL.

Here is your link to your trial-subscription:

  • ONE SIGNAL is reduced-to-the-MAX.
  • ONE SIGNAL is simply smarter trading.
  • ONE SIGNAL enables mobile trading.
  • ONE SIGNAL is remarkably time efficient.





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