The Challenge

Complying with the regulation, ensuring that the data meets the regulatory standards, and producing necessary reports entails additional complexity levels on legal, operational, and risk management fronts. Portfolio and risk management has also become a highly specialized and quantitative discipline that demands greater and more robust tools with collaboration, business-process rules support, advanced reporting, and governance capabilities. With more factors to consider and a plethora of regulations to follow, data management is extremely time-consuming while being cost-ineffective. Efficiency, speed, transparency, and security is needed for high-quality regulatory reporting, achieving full compliance and transparency.

The Solution

OTCFin specializes in providing financial data management, risk, and regulatory reporting solutions and services. We make it possible through our proprietary Enterprise-wide Data Management platform, PATOne®. The platform integrates, cleanses, and monitors reference, positions, and transactions data and analytics to facilitate full transparency and efficient risk and regulatory reporting for the business users.

Additionally, we offer the below services as an extension or a standalone tool to the PATOne EDM platform.

-Real Estate Risk Engine – Cash flow projections of Real Estate investments with the ability to perform What-If scenarios
-Non-Performing Loans Valuation Tool – Pricing library for Non-Performing Loans based on machine-learning simulations and historical NPL data
-PRIIPs Calculator – PRIIPs computations library for SRI and Performance Scenario calculations and export to EPT format
-MMFR Scenarios – Workflow tool which processes Money Market Funds and runs compliance checks and scenario calculations
-ESG Reporting – analyzing ESG data alongside investment, risk, and performance data

With our roots in enterprise-wide risk management technology consultancy, we are intimately familiar with the various facets of implementing an effective centralized data repository. From data feed automation and data quality monitoring to pricing/risk systems implementation ultimately to produce accurate and actionable data outputs and reports, we have a proven track record in building concrete solutions that work.

The Importance

OTCFin’s PATOne EDM platform is based on a culmination of over 20 years’ extensive experience in financial data and analytics systems integration and implementation and working hand-in-hand with clients to build comprehensive data models to capture an amalgamation of different types of data. Our sophisticated platform is highly customizable and adapts to your needs, where your data is, and what datasets you are currently using. It is a comprehensive all-in-one data and reporting platform for risk, regulatory, and ESG purposes.

Next steps

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