P2P Securities

P2P Securities is a tokenisation platform. Our solution allows fund managers to issue fund shares in tokenised form on a public blockchain.

The Challenge

The fund management industry still operates under a web2 model, where funds are distributed via online platforms and secondary market liquidity is fragmented.


At the same time, a web3-native generation is managing an increasing amount of wealth on public blockchains, be it in the form of cryptocurrencies, stablecoins or tokenised real-world assets, far removed from the traditional distribution channels of the asset management industry.

The Solution

The P2P Securities tokenisation platform enables fund managers to take the step from web2 to web3. Our solution is a technology layer consisting of smart contracts and online dashboards to coordinate and monitor the issuance, revocation and transfer of tokenised fund shares.


The platform provides APIs to automate processes, and can be used by service providers such as fund administrators and depositaries to comply with applicable laws and regulations, such as KYC/AML/CTF, maintaining shareholder registers, for FATCA/CRS reporting purposes, etc.

The Importance

Our platform enables fund managers to bring their products on-chain to where millennials will be managing the 10s of trillions of dollars in wealth they will earn and inherit over the course of this decade.

Tokenised funds have multiple benefits over their traditional counterparts:

  • New distribution channels and appeal to a web3-native generation of investors
  • Streamlined operations due to on-chain asset servicing option
  • Reduced liquidity fragmentation due to open nature of blockchains
  • Minimal costs in setting up an on-chain secondary market, benefitting in particular closed-ended funds
  • Near-instant settlement of trades and transfers
  • Accessible to investors without onboarding thanks to verifiable credentials

Next steps

For more information on the solutions we offer, please get in touch at [email protected].



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