Operational resilience: Rules and guidance in the UK

The UK government has recently launched a new regulatory framework that aims to provide formal guidance on how organisations can tackle and build strong operational resilience. In our latest blog, we discuss the what, when and how of the UK’s new upcoming operational resilience mandate.

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GDFM Combat Clone Managed Service – Raising Your Defences Part I

It’s crucial that organisations seeking or managing investment processes consider the damage to brand and reputation through an incidence of cloning. This Managed Service has received expert input from Associate Partners Sarah Peaston and Tony Adams, both drawing on their investor protection backgrounds.

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How The Financial Community Faces ESG

Various types of agreements and regulations have been made since ESG emerged in financial markets. Many institutions presented their ESG assessment and scoring methodologies and their approaches in incorporating ESG factors in the investment process. In this article, we explore how the financial community has addressed ESG in our evolving world

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