Aruwa Capital’s Adesuwa Okunbo Rhodes: The Woman who Invests to Empower Women in Africa

If there is anything positive at all that could come out of the global pandemic, the year of 2020 has seen global capital allocators and asset managers moving to facilitate impact investing from just a concept to an integral part of their investment processes. The world has also begun to understand impact investments are not only about addressing environmental issues, but also improving people’s lives by increasing the supply of essential goods and services.

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Edelweiss Asset Management’s Radhika Gupta: The Only Female Head of India’s Major Asset Manager

From struggling with low self-esteem due to a birth complication that left her neck with a permanent tilt to becoming the only female head of India’s first domestic hedge fund, Radhika Gupta’s story is a triumphant celebration of resilience. But the very fact that she is the only woman heading a fast-rising fund among the 45 odd mutual fund houses in India gives her the reason to believe the Indian asset management industry has a long way to go.

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Inherent Group’s Jamie Mitchell: Lessons From Seven Hedge Funds and One Lifestyle Startup

The questions Jamie Mitchell loves asking are: “What do you need?”, “Can I help you?”, and “What can I do for you?”. Currently the managing director in business development at Inherent Group, Mitchell’s meandering career journey spans the banking, investment management, and fashion industries. But one thing that never changed is she loves helping people, and is persistent about showing that she cares.

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AI and Investment Management

Investment managers rely on technology to support decision-making, administration, and governance. Machine learning takes this further, removing foibles, heuristics and biases.

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