Asset Tribe

Asset Tribe is a community of investors and deal sourcers focussed on finding exciting and engaging investments from across the world of alternative assets.

The Challenge

More and more investors are looking at ways to diversify their assets. Interest in alternative investments is growing because alternative assets can be less correlated with traditional assets, meaning they can perform a role in portfolio diversification.

Over the last 30 years, allocation to alternative assets by institutions has grown from 5% to 25% on average, with some large institutions having very large exposures. Pension funds and endowments often cite the return potential and diversifying power of non-traditional asset classes as reasons for significantly higher expected returns.

Access to alternatives has not traditionally been easy, however, due to often complex structures, high minimum investment thresholds, high fees, minimal liquidity and long duration.

The Solution

Asset Tribe’s community-led platform helps engage investors with alternative and real-world assets. We aim to be demand-led, not supply-driven, and we will help curate exciting assets for our tribe, and with typically lower minimum investment sizes investors can more easily diversify their exposure across our different categories.

We believe that tokenising will be a big part of our future and will try help create secondary markets for tribe members to buy and sell their holdings in assets..



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