The Solution

PriceHubble provides proprietary residential property valuations, alongside market leading insights on the underlying property & surrounding neighbourhood. This stretches to all amenities, rental income, market trends & comparable properties. 


Even more unique is the flexibility PriceHubble offers its clients across our multiple methods of application. With our B2B SAAS platform, clients can create detailed property “dossiers”, used by client facing advisors. Whilst platform features also cover entire investment portfolios with extensive sharing functionality 


Futhermore, direct API integration into existing customer portals or applications is available. This allows investment firms to create custom customer journeys. Clients are better informed on their financial position, whilst managers experience a lower cost per acquisition & better engagement with clients. 


Given PriceHubble’s European reach, PriceHubble is in the unique position to offer property data insight for HNWI’s with a European wide property portfolio.


PriceHubble is also in a position to offer unique ESG insight for IFA’s to advise their clients on ESG topics such as the value impact of increasing a property’s energy efficiency.

Next steps

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