Qredo Ltd

The Challenge

Existing solutions for managing private keys have created multiple problems for institutional traders entering the digital asset market.
In 2019, $4.4 bn was stolen from insecure digital asset exchanges which require traders to prefund wallets, leading to extremely high levels of counterparty risk.
At the same time, liquidity has become increasingly fragmented between different venues and blockchains. This makes it difficult for traders to instantly take advantage of market opportunities using the underlying blockchains, which can take hours to settle when congestion strikes.

The Solution

Qredo decentralizes private key management; removing the possibility of theft and unlocking instant cross-chain liquidity.
On the Qredo Network, institutional traders can store funds securely without compromising accessibility. Traders can choose to use either self or managed custody, and implement institutional controls to seamlessly map asset management to fit organizational and regulatory needs.
Assets on the network are secured by a decentralized implementation of MPC. This allows traders to securely tap decentralized prime brokerage by borrowing and lending using DeFi protocols, and broadcasting liquidity to multiple venues without the counterparty risk exposure of prefunding hot wallets.

The Importance

Adoption of digital assets has been curtailed by centralized private key management methods that force traders to compromise security for accessibility.
Qredo enables faster transactions with no loss of security, letting institutions benefit from the security and transparency of blockchain-based assets, with the deep liquidity and institutional controls of traditional finance.
This ushers in the next institutional phase of digital asset evolution, creating a versatile asset class that can not only be programmed and used to participate in governance, voting, and other on-chain activities, but also deployed in the complex rapid-fire algorithmic strategies that represent the majority of trading volume in traditional markets.

Next steps

Get in touch to:

  • Learn more about the Qredo protocol, including institutional controls, security, multi-custodial support and compliance features (VASP/KYC/KYT)
  • Partner with us and integrate with Qredo
  • Join the pilot program 
  • Join Qredo Network to experience cross-chain atomic swaps
  • Become a Validator by staking assets on the network, running a validator node and earning a share of network revenue
  • Develop on the network with access to our partner API


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