The Challenge

With cost pressures, competition from leaner firms, demand for higher-agility and higher-touch with clients, the old model of a front office, a technology team and a large ops team to run a custom-built tech platform, is no longer viable.

Quants, Front Office and Risk Management are increasing their IT skills, but there’s still a chasm between novice coding within a Python Notebook and requirements to structure, calculate, deploy, and distribute capital markets solutions and analytics to clients, without the help of an expensive and often overloaded technology team.

Ideally, Front Office staff should be able to connect to the data sources they need, without code, to model financial products, deploy and version control them with a well defined and secure release process, and deliver the results of the same functionalities and behaviours as the best electronic trading platforms.


The Solution

ResonanceX fills the knowledge gap and empowers business functions with the capability and knowledge of experts having architected and delivered industry-recognised, tier-1 trading platforms. We leverage the best of new technologies, open-source and cloud infrastructure to empower financial services companies and their Front Office to:

  • Create and launch new products and services in a fast and scalable manner
  • Innovate to redefine customer success
  • Distribute powerful performance analytics
  • Produce accurate and reproducible reporting on-demand

The company is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The Importance

We believe in a new Target Operating Model for financial services companies:

  • Frictionless integration from different data sources inside and outside of the business with a low-code /no-code approach, API-based services for interoperability and ability to leverage 3rd party services.
  • Flexible and agile to rapidly create new products and analytics with the aspiration to leverage best practices of a language such as Python –which is highly productive, elegant, simple, yet powerful– and to take advantage of unlimited scalability with high-performance computing and cloud.
  • Event-driven enabling to distribute the information, analytics and visuals to colleagues, partners and clients in real-time.
  • Extendible through a low-code platform enabling to easily define new data and operations, to easily leverage open-source data science libraries and easily create and maintain targeted microservices.
  • Auditable platform fully integrated with Control Functions processes, enabling analytics, models and workflows to be fully auditable in a secure environment.

Next steps

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