Risk Ledger

The Challenge

Over 60% of organisations have experienced a cyber incident caused by a compromised third-party.


Recent data protection and business resilience laws and regulations globally have included specific obligations for organisations to actively manage supply chain security risks.


Most vendors supplying enterprises have less security expertise and resources than large organisations. Security is a pure cost for them – creating commercial incentives to maintain bare minimum, security controls.


Organisations struggle to review and continuously monitor the security practices of all third-parties and help them to implement a good base level of security, for a low, per-supplier financial and human resource cost.

The Solution

Risk Ledger provides all the tools you need to run a comprehensive, security-led, third-party risk management programme against your supply chain.


The platform moves away from point-in-time assessments by providing you with real-time, actionable data collected directly from suppliers – allowing you to continuously identify, measure and manage a comprehensive set of third-party risks at speed and at scale for a low, per-supplier cost.


Our unique network model gives you visibility of supply chain risks beyond third parties to fourth and fifth parties too.


The platform increases supplier engagement because it is simple, free and fast for suppliers to engage.


Watch an introduction video here.

The Importance

Our innovative third-party risk management solution is used by organisations such as BAE Systems AI, Schroder’s Person Wealth, City of London Corporation and First Sentier Investors.


Running a third-party risk management programme with Risk Ledger will reduce the per-supplier time and cost of reviewing suppliers by up to 90%.


Eliminate the need for repeated reviews with Risk Ledger’s continuous monitoring of risk controls implemented by your third parties, providing consistently up-to-date, actionable data.


We are the only tool that gives you dynamic visibility of supply chain risks beyond third parties to fourth, fifth and sixth parties.

Next steps

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