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Room Zero is a software firm for the buy-side. Our key strength is joining up the worlds of Finance and Distribution (Sales & Marketing) by managing and leveraging AUM & Flow data.

The Challenge

Most asset managers calculate AUM & Flow as an operation in two broad areas of the business. The first location is in Distribution (or Sales & Marketing) and the second is in Finance – both for their own purposes. Immediately, you have the potential conflict of calculations being performed twice.

Furthermore, the assessment by the Finance team will be heavily product focused but will struggle to deliver the client perspective on the assets and flows, whereas Distribution will be seeking a client or investor view of the world. Once again, there is a conflict of interest through varying methodologies.

In combination with the above; Asset Management firms, in most cases, have internally developed solutions that struggle to or don’t meet all requirements and are expensive to support.

The Solution

The Room Zero AUM solution provides the core functionality to produce and report a single and golden source set of AUM and Flow results for an asset manager.

  • It supports ingestion of all key input data, reference data and periodic data.
  • It provides a sophisticated calculation engine that calculates point in time AUM, handling cross holdings, and the decomposition of change between two points through Markets, FX and Flow in combination with unlimited Client / Investor transparency and results.

A solution that can used across the entire firm.


The Importance

AUM & Flow is essential data that is used by a number of different teams for different purposes, including at the highest level of strategic planning for an asset manager. If the CEO and CFO do not have a reliable view on the firm’s AUM & Flow data then they bear an immense risk to the business.

Key uses of AUM & Flow

  • Corporate Strategy and Planning.
  • Group and External Reporting, notable for publicly listed Asset Managers.
  • Input to the calculation of Revenue and Profitability.
  • RFP requests for new Client Onboarding.
  • Distribution Strategy and Planning.
  • KYC (Know Your Client)
  • Sales Commissions

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