Research aggregator and marketplace for purchasing, consuming and managing institutional research.

The Challenge

The MiFID II rules on research unbundling have been a catalyst for change in an industry where millions of research reports are consumed by asset managers each year and inefficiencies are rife. Until now, technology has been underutilised in research consumption, and very little has been invested in this essential part of the investment process. This regulatory catalyst creates an opportunity to improve how research reports are discovered, read and managed. Banks have never before had to price research and asset managers have never paid for it. Research procurement not only means higher admin costs (including contracts, invoicing and payment management), but also barriers to accessing new research. This niche segment of financial services has now been brought in line with every other industry in the world. The behavioural shift is significant.

The Solution

RSRCHX is research marketplace and aggregator. RSRCHX replaces low-tech legacy research distribution processes (mostly email), and evolves the way in which asset managers engage with institutional research with its cloud-based research management solution. Our research platform introduces social media tools to the fund manager: trending topics, most popular, and ‘people also viewed’ lists provide a richer user experience, and email alerts, text search and smart folders enhance discoverability. Users access reports from the providers they already use, while the marketplace helps them to discover and buy subscriptions, reports and time with analysts from new providers in compliance with MiFID II. Research available spans from the leading global banks to major rating agencies and smaller, niche independents. Fulfilling client demand, providers have doubled in the last year and with no major gaps in content; all asset classes and geographies are covered. As a regulatory solution, budgets can be managed, readership and calls are automatically tracked, and compliance admins have active oversight. RSRCHX is free for buy side firms to access.

The Importance

RSRCHXchange offers asset management firms a marketplace that delivers greater choice, smarter access and the ability to buy institutional research in real time. In a priced research market, unbundling research services by offering shorter term subscriptions, individually priced notes and analyst time caters to large and small research budgets alike. Subscriptions to the long tail of providers can be managed via RSRCHX allowing broker relations teams to concentrate on their larger research partners. As an aggregator, RSRCHX improves discoverability, saving investment professionals valuable time. Research can be searched for by key terms, reviewed, rated and shared and email alerts created to fit each user’s personalised taste or portfolio watchlist. Machine learning personalises the experience for each user and aids content discovery to ensure relevance. Any report read or call or meeting hosted on RSRCHX is automatically tracked, creating an audit trail for MiFID II compliance. Fund managers have always been time scarce, and now they are budget constrained discovery has never been so important.

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