The Challenge

A clear challenge has been issued to regulated firms. Clients, employees, and regulators expect firms to improve and evidence their workplace cultures. Regulators draw the straight line from poor culture through poor conduct to poor outcomes; employees demand environments where they can speak up and be their authentic selves; clients are looking to work with firms that match their values, whether that be on diversity, inclusion, sustainability or other. In other words, it should be clear to all regulated firms – a positive, connected and inclusive culture is not merely a regulatory deliverable, but both a great asset and sure defence.

The Solution

Rungway is the comms and engagement platform helping firms to embed connected and inclusive cultures. By transforming how employees share advice and engage with management, staff perform at their best because they feel heard, understood and valued. Accessed via the app or web, individuals on every rung of the ladder can post questions with controlled anonymity, enabling them to access the experience and support of the whole organisation – no matter who or where they are. While management easily share advice and role model your values, business leaders surface unique, unheard conversations and uncover insights around culture, gender, inclusion and collaboration.

The Importance

Board level risk management and culture experience runs through the heart of the Rungway product build and workflow. Rungway empowers managers to do the right thing, to surface when they’re not, and supports leaders in effecting timely and appropriate remedies. Supporting firms such as BlackRock and UBS, encouraging positive culture and regulatory compliance (such as SMCR) is in the foundations of the Rungway product and service. The CEO and founder of Rungway is Julie Chakraverty, an expert in risk and governance who has served on the boards of Santander UK, Mitsui Amlin, and Aberdeen Asset Management (where she was the SID and Chair of the Risk Committee).

Next steps

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