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Scribestar Ltd

For Fund Managers looking to reduce transaction execution risk and improve operational and financial efficiencies.

The Challenge

When Fund Managers are executing a transaction, they are exposed to numerous risks due to the inherent complexities of the deal, the stringent timelines and regulations, and pressures on costs. With multiple lines of communication flowing between the various concerned parties, including Law Firms, Accountants and Investment Banks, it’s an incredibly difficult process to manage with little visibility of the entire programme status, and therefore successfully delivering the transaction to meet the expectations of all stakeholders is a challenge.

The Solution

Scribestar provides the answer for Fund Managers looking to manage the risks inherent in the execution of complex capital markets transactions. The online capital markets document drafting platform brings control to the process, by providing one document for editing and review, which is always up-to-date. It enables all the relevant parties to instantly access the document and track the status of activities; and with this real-time intelligence and an audit trail of the document history, they can manage stakeholder expectations and have full confidence that the completed transaction will comply with the various legal and financial regulations.

The Importance

With increasing pressures on costs across the industry, tight deadlines and strict compliance requirements, Scribestar provides a controlled, secure and collaborative online platform with improves the efficiency of deal teams working on due diligence, verification and regulatory compliance tasks by up to 30%.

Next steps

Please email [email protected] for more information and a demo of the platform.

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