The Challenge

Asset managers own tremendous amounts of data, but only a small percentage of that data is available and accessible to them. Moreover, the industry continuously suffers from further cost reduction and tighter regulatory control. Asset managers seek for innovative solutions to achieve higher productivity with restricted resources.

The Solution

We digitalize your manual processes to manage product lifecycle and integrate quality data into your product value chain. With build-in compliance checks and full audit trail with clear ownership, we enable asset managers to achieve better data governance, higher operational efficiency, higher cost efficiency and lower compliance risk. The plug-and-play solution does not require clients’ IT implementation. It’s immediately functional and ready to accommodate multi-departmental collaboration.

The Importance

The quality of your investment products depends on the timeliness, accuracy and availability of data distributed to clients and regulators. SEQVOIA’s solutions streamline data, enhance visibility, and automate downstream processes like the production of documents (KIID, PRIIP, Factsheet) and reports (EPT/EMT/DCPT/FVPT). Your processes, streamlined. Your data, shared with your partners. Your products, visible to the world.

Next steps

Contact us to arrange a discovery call or to schedule a demo:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +352 27 32 66.

SEQVOIA is a Luxembourg-based Fintech servicing the asset management industry since 2012.

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