Regulatory knowledge management efficiencies and automation.

The Challenge is designed to make regulatory advisory work more satisfying and productive. The challenges we solve:

There is ever more regulation. Regulatory advisors are spending lots of time on simply finding all the current rules, Q&A and guidance that they’ll need to interpret: “Did ESMA publish Q&A on this topic?” “Is there another delegated regulation or Q&A that is relevant to my interpretation? “I remember something relevant in MiFID but can’t find it.“
Advisory and counsel work is often duplicated because knowledge is not efficiently managed. “I didn’t know that you already answered a similar question from front office” “B interpreted this rule but he’s no longer at the firm and C knows but she’s not available now” “D instructed expensive external counsel on this last year but I can’t find it back.“
Compliance staff are spending time on low value / high frequency questions that can be automated: “Can I trade this stock for this UCITS fund?” “Can I trade this ETFs in my personal account?“

The Solution is a knowledge management and automation platform for legal and compliance professionals in financial services. The platform captures regulatory knowledge and structures and visualises the knowledge in line with regulatory requirements. Firm-wide regulatory knowledge becomes accessible to any one person at any time and provides automation tools that allow advisory teams to set, oversee and control self-service bots.

The Importance

Regulatory advisors are more expensive than monitoring and reporting staff but regtech has so far primarily focused on the latter. Legaltech solutions tend to be too generic to make regulatory knowledge management more efficient. is a practical and intuitive platform that immediately adds value. It uses NLP, visualisation, cognitive science, machine learning and chatbots in order to make legal and compliance advisory teams efficient and digital.

Next steps

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