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Your robo-analyst. Synch does all the hard work for the bond professional. It will source, filter, analyse and contextualise bond opportunities globally – all at the press of a button. Designed to be an intuitive experience, our cloud-based solution compliments your domain expertise, increase your adjacent knowledge and help you discover the unknown.

The Challenge

Fixed income data is expensive, hard to source and even harder to operate. Current solutions involve manually converting data into actionable information with multi-sources, systems and outcomes. Synch believes there is a better way to see the market.

The Solution

Synch aggregates raw market data, credit information and news from top tier data partners into our cloud infrastructure. Running a series of smart tools and proprietary algorithms, Synch delivers actionable information quickly and effectively.

Curating best in class data sets, Synch removes the unnecessary noise whilst providing a highly affordable and efficient robo-analyst to support high performing bond teams.

The Importance

We are pioneering a quicker, more transparent method of operating fixed income analytics. This is our first step into a better, digital debt market.

Next steps

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