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The Challenge

We are currently living an era of financial turmoil: low interest rates, currency devaluations, political uncertainty and more. With events such as the Coronavirus pandemic and Brexit, people are looking for safer places to store their money.

One of the safest places to store your money while also beating inflation is gold. However, buying and storing gold is easier said than done: many gold dealers charge high premiums, require high upfront investments and are not transparent about their fees.

The main challenge the market faces is that gold is not an accessible investment.

The Solution

Minted is a platform that makes gold accessible.

With Minted, anyone can buy and hold real gold starting at £30 per month while paying reasonable fees. Users create an account with Minted and can immediately start buying gold bullion. The gold is stored in a high-security vault in London, and kept in bars of 10 grams. Users get free insurance and storage until they own 200 grams of gold. Users can get their gold delivered home and only pay the shipping fee (they must own over 10 grams).

Transparency, community and accessibility are at the core of Minted: our fees are clearly displayed on our website, our content educates our users about gold and our product allows anyone to get started with buying gold.

The Importance

Minted is all about accessibility. Minted is a product and community where users can learn how to invest in their future and save with gold. Minted believes in being transparent, intuitive and customer-centric.

Minted also offers one of the best rates on the market while allowing users to truly own what they buy: every gold bar is 10 grams, meaning users can get their gold delivered as soon as they own more than 10 grams.

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