The Challenge

Onboarding investors, sharing information with them and closing a deal takes time (40% of front office time), money (100k GBP/year/firm) and effort (manual processes and no end-to-end automatic solution) in private markets (private company shares, fund shares, private debt).


The Solution

Our white label end-to-end digital transaction tool for private markets built on Corda is for investment banks, assets managers or fund managers that want to finance or sell unlisted assets in an automated and digital way. They can conduct their deal processes on 1 tool: onboarding investors, KYC, data room access, document signing, user reporting & statistics and seamlessly connect with the participants of the Corda and BT Radianz ecosystems (hundreds of brokers and exchanges).

We are using Corda in a very pragmatic way. Our assets are digitized on corda and the asset and investment rules (KYC, restrictions, coporate actions) and the whole issuance and investment process is recorded on Corda. To that we have linked tools such as Docusign for the signature of legal docs in the process (NDA, LOI, SPA, Articles of Association), SWIFT and SEPA integration and register updating to make transactions legally binding.



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