VendEx Solutions, Inc.

The Challenge

Financial services organizations face critical challenges around their usage and management of market data.

  • Compliance Impact on Data Governance
    • Data usage rights are a major compliance risk that present economic and reputational risks
  • Managing Material Costs
    • Market data is a significant bottom line cost, $32bn in 2019 Global aggregate spend + rising
  • Managing 1,000s of Vendors
    • Market data teams are already stretched by tracking renewals, invoicing, usage, requests, due diligence etc. on top of tracking the myriad of emerging fintech
  • Incumbents on Legacy Technology
    • Market data teams’ complex needs are only adequately served by incumbents
  • Invoice Matching
    • Hours spent reconciling invoices from various vendors
  • Information Asymmetry
    • A lack of centralized communications for vendors creates information gaps for their clients

The Solution

VendEx Solutions is working closely with the market data industry to create the first market data industry utility.

  • Independent, Neutral Industry Utility
    • Committed to representing the industry in an independent, unbiased manner
  • Solving for Common Market Data Issues
    • Committed to working with participants to seek solutions for the markets
  • Connecting the Data Management Community
    • Creating the centralized neutral hub for the data vendors and data consumers
  • Streamlining and Digitizing the Industry
    • Building for the future of market data

The Importance

VendEx Solutions’ integrated ecosystem streamlines market data management workflows through the vendor relationship life cycle. VendEx’s products provide critical information when seeking market data solutions, onboarding new vendors, understanding contractual terms and managing overall relationships.

Next steps

Contact VendEx Solutions at [email protected] for more information or a demo.

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