Empowering Wealth Managers Through Innovative Investment Solutions

The Challenge

The Wealth Management industry faces three fundamental challenges:


Risk and Compliance complexity:

  • Risk and compliance infrastructure lacks automation
  • Management and Advisors have personal and professional liability
  • Increasing regulatory complexity has forced a risk mitigation/commercial opportunity trade-off


Poor client engagement:

  • AUM growth and client retention is constrained by limited client engagement​
  • Systematic investment and sales management processes are lacking​
  • NextGen clients demand increased control over investment decisions


Undifferentiated Investment Solutions:

  • High complexity to deliver an Advisory investment service ​
  • Skills gap and cost prohibitive to cover complex asset classes (e.g., Private Markets)
  • Limited ability to respond to emerging industry trends (Sustainable Investing)

The Solution

Your Vestrata solution can contain any of the following modules:


Risk and Compliance:

  • Automated risk metrics and alerts
  • Integrated suitability and appropriateness, cross-border and governance capabilities
  • Business Intelligence analytics



  • Institutional quality solutions
  • Managed by leading Asset Managers
  • ESG-integrated Core/Thematic offerings



  • Automated pre and post trade suitability, cross-border and governance engines
  • Optimised portfolios for model-based or bespoke portfolios
  • Industrialised proposal generation and risk alerts



  • Industry-leading private markets deal access
  • Outsourced due diligence and structuring
  • Automated lifecycle management, reporting



  • Advisory, Discretionary and Alternatives
  • ESG-first or satellite strategies via Impact or tactical allocations
  • Portfolio construction by leading ESG managers

The Importance

From increased regulatory complexity to challenging cost-to-income ratios, poor client engagement, and a lack of differentiated investment solutions, the wealth management industry is facing significant strategic challenges.


The Vestrata platform empowers the Chief Investment Office, Investment Specialists and Client Advisors to overcome the latest industry challenges, enhance advisor productivity, and grow revenues, whilst reducing risk.

Next steps

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