Virtual B

Virtual B SpA

Data driven solutions for wealth management.

The Challenge

Virtual B is a fintech firm with cross skills in data science, investment strategy and innovation technology. We offer a data-driven wealth management platform based on APIs. Our job is transforming data into solutions that increase company’s productivity. We strongly believe data and machine learning are the key ingredients to drive the wealth management industry into the future and improve margins.

The Solution

Our solution, SideKYC® is an advanced data analytics dashboard that empowers different business functions from Sales and Marketing to FAs, to Compliance and Management Teams with the use of DataScience and Business Intelligence. The software delivers several actionable insights such as clients and products clustering, regulatory compliance, matching between financial solutions and customers goals, and detects high potential customers and prospects.

The Importance

We help wealth managers to unlock the value of their data and better serve their customers. Financial institutions have a lot of data that are not valued. By becoming data driven organizations, the data life-cycle empowers the whole wealth management process with a significant gain in efficiency and commercial effectiveness. The overall productivity gain can be quantified in a net margin improvement of several basis points on AuM.

Next steps

A direct email contact to set up a meeting or a demo would be the prefered outcome.

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