Waymark Tech

Helping Financial Services firms meet regulatory obligations, increase productivity and find new opportunities by automating the extraction & classification of information from documents.

The Challenge

If deployed to its fullest, a new study by Accenture has estimated that AI will benefit the bottom line of financial services companies by $140 billion per annum.

But there is an issue with unlocking this value.  80% of a firm’s data is unstructured and extracting valuable insights from unstructured data has been difficult because…

… current NLP solutions require large data sets to train

… current NLP solutions require structured datasets

… existing manual methods need man-months of work to uncover required information

The Solution

Waymark’s award-winning Natural Language Processing engine is best placed to enable a firm to unlock this value. Our AI-as-a-Service enables a firm to find relevant and linked information within vast, dynamic and unstructured text datasets. Our technology surfaces patterns and connections too complex or opaque for human discovery.

It can be used in a number of use cases:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Policy document analysis
  • Equity research analysis
  • Assessing & amending contracts
  • Analysing client agreements and T&Cs

The Importance

If a firm takes full advantage of the value this information holds as and when they need it, they would be able to resolve and even prevent issues more efficiently across the whole enterprise.

Next steps

Please contact Mark directly for more information: [email protected]


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