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The Challenge

The role of the 1st Line of Defence and the CCO involves answering the following questions for themselves and their C-Suite colleagues:

  • What regulators and regulations apply to my area of responsibility?
  • What are our obligations within those regulations?
  • What is our response to each of those obligations (policies, controls etc)
  • What is the status of our operation of those policies and controls?
  • When we have issues, how do I know we are dealing with them?
  • How do we manage change to these obligations and our responses?

The Solution

We simplify regulatory change management with a range of tools that are all available through our UI or API.

  • Awareness: Horizon scanning and regulatory news
  • Assessment: Impact analysis of regulatory change
  • Alignment: Linking obligations to policies to controls
  • Assurance: Control and policy assurance
  • Accountability: Attestation and accountability of regulatory compliance

Clients can purchase one or more modules, safe in the knowledge that they have complete interoperability across the solutions and get the benefit of scale as they go on their regulatory management journey.

The Importance

The answers to the questions posed to a 1LOD or CCO lie at the nexus of 2 types of data: regulatory rules and information and internal policies and controls.

While there are efficiencies to be gained by digitising the data and processes on either side of this divide, the real gains are achieved by integrating the data so that changes flow seamlessly between the areas.

Our award-winning solution has been co-developed with GCHQ and is used by both private and public sectors.

Next steps

Please contact Mark directly for more information: [email protected]waymark.tech


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