The Challenge

Consumers are embracing online financial services, and with so much competition wealth managers and IFA networks must find new, innovative ways to engage. Additionally, today’s asset manager must be closer to clients, so that their varied needs are identified and addressed. WealthObjects provides D2C, digital guidance and advice solutions that allow firms to better attract, engage with and retain clients over the long term.

The Solution

From a customisable end to end platform to an extensive suite of modular APIs, WealthObjects’ products power many innovative technology solutions within financial services. The WealthObjects W-Saturn Platform manages data flows in its own proprietary database and acts as an isolated independent entity. However, the processed data can also be shared with any internal or external systems using APIs as needed. The platform can be hosted either on-premise or on-cloud based on firm’s requirements.

The Importance

WealthObjects’ clients span across multiple sectors within EMEA and APAC regions and the company has served clients of all sizes. WealthObjects has significant digital business model expertise, subject matter, and technology delivery experience within financial services. Their strength is that they are independent and staff-owned. WealthObjects has been recognised as the Partner Winner for the provision of its Platform and APIs by the Banker’s Tech Projects Award. The company’s client project has also been selected as a finalist in the 2018 Gartner Eye on Innovation Award for Financial Services from the EMEA region.

Next steps

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