Technology Powering Digital Business Models In Savings, Investments And Pensions

The Challenge

Customers and customer needs are changing. Over the next decade, trillions of dollars will shift hands as wealth is passed from the baby boomer generation to millennials. Customers are embracing online financial services, and with so much competition financial firms must find new, innovative ways to attract, engage and retain clients from the digital generation.

The Solution

We provide B2B and B2B2C digital solutions to propel a firm’s digital strategy. Our solutions include Digital Robo Advice, Hybrid Digital Advice, D2C Self-Directed Investing, Digital Retirement Planning, Modern Adviser Software and Portfolio Management Tools. We help firms stay ahead with next-generation digital business models by providing unique, modern and engaging solutions designed to meet the needs of the digital generation.

The Importance

WealthObjects is a B2B FinTech company serving financial services sector. We specialise in launching engaging, innovative and compliant digital wealth platforms. We help clients with launching modern investing and advisory offerings through APIs and end-to-end platform technology. Our technology and client propositions have won numerous awards since launch and we are consistently recognised as one of the best B2B FinTech firms in the industry.

Next steps

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