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Innovative solutions to asset managers to help resolve internal inefficiencies and to attract, engage with & retain clients.

The Challenge

Asset managers face huge inefficiencies across their organisations, from back-end integrations to front-end customer experience. This can cause issues across data management, internal and external communication, providing sales teams with appropriate tools, and delivering effective digital D2C propositions. Firms often perceive that the time, resource and cost of addressing these issues are so great that they need to treat them as distinct projects, if they are addressed at all. Traditional providers have tended to concentrate on particular elements of the solution, which itself increases the cost of fully addressing the issues.

The Solution

WealthObjects provide unique solutions to asset managers, to address the specific problems they face across their organisations. We pride ourselves in being faster to market and more cost-effective than traditional providers. WealthObjects can deliver end to end platforms, customised modular features or individual APIs to address any / all asset manager pain points. Our state-of-the-art technology, combined with our vast industry expertise, allows us to work with clients to address and resolve multiple issues as part of a single project.

The Importance

The key elements that differentiate WealthObjects’ solutions for asset managers are:

State of the art D2C front-ends across fund research, digital on-boarding, secure transacting and ongoing engagement
Efficient integration with any in-house or third-party systems
Improvements in data management and flow efficiency around the organisation
Delivery of custom, integrated tools for the firm’s sales teams
Customer, adviser and sales team analytics, surfaced by closely tracking engagement
Innovative internal / external add-ons to enhance the experience – chatbots, messaging, mobile apps etc.

Next steps

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