TechTalk Sprint Sessions

Short, sharp and concise 10 minute videos with cutting edge FinTech firms to explore industry challenges and how tech can solve them!

TechTalk Sprint Sessions

TechTalk Sprints are Engine’s series of short, sharp, concise video’s that feature Engine and IA FinTech firms addressing up to 10 questions regarding a particular tech area or challenge for the Investment Management industry.


All of the TechTalk Sprint episodes can be viewed below and each episode lists the questions that are covered. You can quickly jump to an answer for the question by simply clicking on the question itself, you can also watch the full episode by clicking on the main video box.

Episode 1: Goji

How will technology increase access to Private Asset Investments?

Episode 2: KiteEdge

Knowledge Management – Which way now for asset managers?

Episode 3: FundApps

Compliance-as-a-Service: A new model of regulatory compliance

Turbocharging Best Execution Performance

Episode 5: IntelliBonds

How can AI assistants cut costs, increase alpha, and improve job satisfaction in the fixed income front office?

Episode 6: Leading Point

Environmental Social and Governance: the new metric for investors

Episode 7: ipushpull

Digitisation of Pre-Trade Client Workflows – How will standardisation and automation improve efficiency?