IA Light FinTech Membership

Start your Engine journey by becoming an IA Light FinTech Member

IA Light FinTech Member

To be a part of Engine, you first need to apply to become an IA Light FinTech Member.

Membership is open to technology firms providing solutions to the investment management and capital markets industry. For a small monthly subscription, you get access to IA online resources, events and training as well as IA and other industry briefings.


Your brand will be showcased on the Engine website and you’ll receive the IA FinTech Member badge, recognising your specific focus and affiliation with the IA.

Cost: £100 + VAT a year


  • Use the official IA FinTech Member badge
  • Get your brand and proposition featured on the Engine website
  • Be welcomed on board via our Social Media Announcement Campaign on Twitter and LinkedIn and the IA member engagement newsletter


  • Promote your own events, blogs and reports on the Engine website, via our members’ portal
  • Be profiled as a solution provider to investment managers in the Engine ‘tech shop window’ including an advanced search functionality
  • Share your content and thought leadership across Engine and, where appropriate, IA channels

Networking & exposure

  • Attend IA industry and regulatory events and briefings
  • Participate at tech-focused briefings to the investment management sector e.g. TechTalks, plus other open sessions, webinars and podcasts
  • Get international exposure through delegations and associated events

Insight, training & support

  • Get exclusive online access to IA resources
  • Receive daily and weekly IA updates on operational, regulatory and policy issues affecting the investment management industry
  • Get member discounts on IA training and events (up to a 40% off standard rates)
  • Receive ongoing support from a responsive relationship team
  • Access The Engine Room co-working space in Birmingham.
  • Subject to eligibility: $10k of promotional AWS cloud credits along with $1500 of AWS business support and 80 credits for self-paced labs.

Make possibility reality

Become an IA Light FinTech Member
and see where it takes you.