Empowering your cloud journey with a SaaS data management platform

Welcome back to FINBOURNE Five, a series of short ‘explainer’ blogs on all things data management, in five minutes or less. In this second installment, Sales Engineer, Stephen LeMasney, explores the critical factors to consider when looking for a SaaS data management platform, and why a cloud-native platform with innate financial sense is crucial to gaining immediate value and driving operational growth.

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Six ways to be the best buyer

We’re all busy people with little time to waste in a day. Being the best buyer takes some extra effort, but it will pay you back in time (literally!) and effort when evaluating new vendors in 2023.

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We Need a Renewed Focus on Goal 5: Gender Equality

Despite a steady rise of female representation in the workplace, the lack of females in leadership and decision-making roles remains a global issue. FINBOURNE partner and DEI data provider, Denominator, highlight the stark reality of gender inequality in the workplace, in its recent findings. The article explores the need for quantifiable and standardised data to hold companies accountable, while also empowering them to create meaningful change for women across the world.

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