New Initiatives Around Standardisation and Automation in Capital Markets

To consider the essential role of data standardisation and automation in capital markets and generally in financial markets, we need to look at one area. Automating data-driven workflows in isolation within your own organisation only gets you so far. Significant progress is being made around standardisation is in the open sourcing of data platforms, allowing for data interoperability across organisations.

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Buyside Power Women: Why Are There So Few Female Voices?

When talking about the buyside, words such as “competitive”, “demanding”, “elite” often come up. The nature of the industry also makes it all the more mysterious as it is a job that works behind the scenes for institutional investors such as hedge funds, pension funds, or mutual funds with research strategies and analysis usually kept private. Not to mention the job often requires entry level workers to work over 100-hour weeks in their early years.

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What Have Buyside Leaders Been Looking at in 2020?

“What a year it has been!” is certainly the sentiment that can be shared among most of us as we finally approach the end of 2020. From a global pandemic, oil prices going negative for the first time ever in history, uncertainty around the US presidential election to the daily occurrence of having to tell someone in a virtual meeting “I think you are on mute”, a lot has changed in a matter of just one year.

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