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We're powering the growth of FinTech to deliver the future of investment management.​

Our Story

Engine is the Investment Association’s FinTech hub,  launched in 2018.

Engine’s mission is simple: To fuel the adoption of technology within investment management, for the benefit and changing needs of clients.

We’re working with 150+ FinTech firms and partners across the investment value chain to open up tech-driven possibilities and solve the challenges faced by investment firms, both big and small.


of assets managed by
the UK investment
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Bringing brilliance to business

The UK investment management industry manages over £8.8 trillion of assets. It has unrivalled global reach and a reputation for adapting and reinventing in response to a changing world.


Today, investment firms of all kinds are hungry to see how new technology can transform the complexity of their business and deliver smarter, faster, better ways to serve their customers.

From compliance to risk management to platform innovation, the sector’s success is ready to be powered by FinTech – and Engine is here to help.

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From RegTech to WealthTech

Engine works with FinTech firms across the full universe of technologies – connecting investment firms to solutions to transform every stage of their value chain