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firmbee-com-TMOeGZw9NY4-unsplash Ruleguard

Do amended CPD requirements offer greater flexibility?

RDR introduced CPD requirements in 2013.  May 2022 saw the TC sourcebook updated to remove the minimum 30 mins duration for structured learning.

fundfront-logo-wall-1 FundFront

FundFront and Haven Cove Partnering to Further Expand Access to Hedge Fund Strategies

The cutting-edge systematic investing strategy of Haven Cove is now available on the FundFront platform

Climate-Change Acin

Practical steps for improving climate risk readiness

Practical steps for improving climate risk readiness

Maycode-Background-Banner Maycode

ESG Data Challenges

There is a growing concern around ESG data shortcomings

hedge-fund-guide-featured-image FundFront

The Advanced Guide to Select Hedge Funds

This white paper by Dr. Aric Whitewood, a leading expert in the hedge fund space is the ultimate guide on how to research and select hedge fund opportunities.

Risk-control-in-2022-Time-to-break-the-operational-risk-cycle-blog-image-pjaqqs47wyda73xw3yl5uiq5j9fz8q47o3s89epnkw Acin

Risk control in 2022: Time to break the operational risk cycle

Time to break the operational risk cycle

iStock-908006224 Cygnetise

Why Buyside and fintechs that improve compliance will boom

Steve Pomfret, CEO of Cygnetise, discusses the role Buyside and compliance will have in reshaping fintech in the future

John-Macpherson-Interview Leading Point

John Macpherson on The Challenges of Data Management

John Macpherson, Chair of the Investment Association Engine, on the challenges that financial services companies face around the management of their data.

iStock-1036139992.png Minotore

Asset Management companies face the digitalisation of their activities

Asset management companies are facing many challenges : a competitive environment, the weight of regulatory constraints, management fees decrease, retrocessions framework and changing client expectations.

. Kore

Charles Stanley takes industry-leading approach by adopting Kore

Kore Labs today announces that Charles Stanley, one of the UK’s leading wealth managers, will be using Kore’s cutting-edge technology to digitise its product management and product governance processes. NayaOne

Open Innovation: Enabling Tech for the Future of Finance

Innovation has been at the heart of the technological revolution of financial services in the past decade. However, most of this innovation has happened behind so-called ‘closed doors’. With the FinTech industry maturing in the new era we’ve embarked upon, the ability to scale and grow collectively will only happen when the doors open.

Dr Ian Hunt

An Optimal Model for Digital Assets and Transactions

Rethinking our view of assets and transactions can lead to remarkable benefits: a common form of representation for digital assets is possible across asset classes, …

iStock-681931894 Kore

Why robust product governance is key to Consumer Duty compliance

The new Consumer Duty policy from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is set to bring in substantial changes to the way financial firms manage product governance. The window for compliance is short.

iStock-1133750656-1.png AssetTribe

Annual Alternative Asset Survey 2022

A comprehensive insight into attitudes towards Alternative Assets from investors across the EU and UK.

three paths Investment Association

Investing for the future: Three potential paths for a tech-powered UK fund industry

The IA’s new report, Investing for the future: three potential paths for a tech-powered UK fund industry, outlines a vision of the ‘Investment Fund 3.0’ built on technological innovation, a forward-looking regulatory framework, and improved engagement with consumers.

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