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Q4-interim-BAU-priority-areas-210119.png Imperium Risk

OpRisk priorities for 2021

Top Risk themes for 2021


Pimco’s Kimberley Stafford: You Don’t Have to Talk Like a Man to Succeed on the Buyside

Author: Lynk –   A study conducted by the IZA Institute of Labor Economics in 2017 found that 28 per cent more interview offers are given to …

giorgio-trovato-_XTY6lD8jgM-unsplash.jpg BTON Financial

BTON Financial wins ‘Best Trading Application of AI’ in the bobsguide Awards 2020

Best Trading Application of AI

Lynk_Chunyen_00_2000x1200_13d72576c5.jpg Lynk

AIA Singapore’s Chunyen Liu: Diversity on the Buyside Should Come from the Top

The buyside industry evokes a reputation of both prestiege and enigma. Long held as a competitive and demanding career reserved for elites, the buyside is also known to be predominantly male, irrespective of regions across the world.

Chunyen Liu, chief investment officer at AIA Singapore, is one of the few female leaders on the buyside. With 15 years of experience in the field, Liu has been a veteran in the life insurance industry, and an avid champion of diversity and women representation on the buyside.

In our first instalment of the Buyside Power Women series, we ask Liu about her journey becoming a CIO despite initial self-doubt; what can top decision makers do to attract and retain female talent; and why positive institutional changes should start at the top.

ESG-blog-banner-social.png Cygnetise

What is ESG and why does it matter?

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) has become a major issue of interest in the modern corporate world. Usually associated with things like climate change, pollution and resource scarcity, in reality, ESG covers a much wider spectrum of socio-economic issues like employability practices, diversity, social and cultural ethics, data security and sustainability. In this post, we will deep dive into the meaning of ESG and its value to organisations.

lee-merchant-LGsoyXHTPlU-unsplash-1600x900-1.jpg KiteEdge

2021 – Knowledge Management: Time for Action?

Accessing and leveraging knowledge has never been more urgent for asset managers. Will 2021 be the year they seize the opportunity to turn knowledge into advantage?


Limeglass: Why Is It So Important to Address Macroeconomic Research?

What is Rich NLP, and how does it help with macroeconomic research? Find out here from Limeglass CEO and Co-Founder Rowland Park.

INTELLIBONDS_3-1.jpg IntelliBonds

Three ingredients for fixed income asset managers to be part of the digital transformation

Key ingredients to digitally transform fixed income asset management while improving outcomes for employees, increasing margins for institutional investors and lowering fees for asset owners.

Blog-three-IA-Engine_01.jpg ipushpull

New Initiatives Around Standardisation and Automation in Capital Markets

To consider the essential role of data standardisation and automation in capital markets and generally in financial markets, we need to look at one area. Automating data-driven workflows in isolation within your own organisation only gets you so far. Significant progress is being made around standardisation is in the open sourcing of data platforms, allowing for data interoperability across organisations.

Design By Country image Design By Country

Fintech Website design – Case study CloudAttribution

Fintech website design case study


Can you deliver digital transformation and operational resilience simultaneously?

Author: Adoptech –   In short yes. Investment management has always desired to rapidly digitise operations but the reality, like much of the financial …

Lynk_BPW_Featured_2000x1200_35f96c6adf-1.jpg Lynk

Buyside Power Women: Why Are There So Few Female Voices?

When talking about the buyside, words such as “competitive”, “demanding”, “elite” often come up. The nature of the industry also makes it all the more mysterious as it is a job that works behind the scenes for institutional investors such as hedge funds, pension funds, or mutual funds with research strategies and analysis usually kept private. Not to mention the job often requires entry level workers to work over 100-hour weeks in their early years.


Are you maximising your financial research in FX?

In the first of a series of discussions, Simon Gregory and Rowland Park, Co-Founders of Limeglass, discuss some key issues of consideration for FX market participants.

iStock-681931894-1 Limeglass

Limeglass: What do modern traders have in common with their medieval ancestors?

Limeglass CEO Rowland Park explains in e-Forex how information overload has hindered traders for too long along with the benefits and solutions that Research Atomisation can offer.

Lynk_Buyside_Power_Women_2020-Highlights.png Lynk

What Have Buyside Leaders Learnt in 2020?

“What a year it has been!” is certainly the sentiment that can be shared among most of us as we finally approach the end of 2020. From a global pandemic, oil prices going negative for the first time ever in history, uncertainty around the US presidential election to the daily occurrence of having to tell someone in a virtual meeting “I think you are on mute”, a lot has changed in a matter of just one year.

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