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theengine_designbycountry_article1.png Design By Country

Keep your eyes on the client

Branding tips for your FinTech business

Part 1: How to focus on your clients’ problems and why you’re best placed to solve them.

3-step-social.jpg Wealth Dynamix

Is Investment Content More Important Now Than Ever Before?

Investment content producers who use performance metrics, data and lead generation numbers to deeper inform their content strategies will succeed.

cognitive-bias@4x.png TOGGLE

Confirmation Bias in Investing

Confirmation bias is a tendency to seek, interpret, and remember new information in ways that agree with our beliefs. It is, essentially, seeing what you want to see and hearing what you want to hear. In investing, it often leads to disastrous results.

fee-billing-workflow.png Electra

Three Big Reasons Why Investment Managers’ Client Fee Billing Operations Need Workflows and Four-Eyes Reviews

Client fee billing, invoicing and revenue management in buy-side investment management can become a significant source of risk and cost without an efficient workflow and audit process to manage review and approval checkpoints. Here are three key reasons why workflow controls are increasingly important for investment management CFOs and their teams.

photo-1547394765-185e1e68f34e.jpeg OTCFin

Evaluating Financial Risk Using Machine Learning

OTCFin is applying Machine Learning techniques to give real-time figures of risk measures to our clients. But, what is “Machine Learning”?

photo-1495908333425-29a1e0918c5f.jpeg OTCFin

Integrating ESG Data into Portfolios – Points to Ponder

The ESG factors that influence portfolios are diverse and numerous. Here are a few points to ponder when integrating ESG data.

Delta Financial Systems

Sovereign migrates complex pensions to Delta’s Platinum~Pro

The Sovereign Group has agreed a 5-year deal to implement Delta’s next-generation Platinum~Pro platform for the administration of both its SIPP and SSAS books of business.

Delta Financial Systems

Delta – A grown-up with a pioneering spirit

Forget turning 18, in brain development terms it’s now widely accepted that we don’t become ‘adults’ until we reach 25 years old.

UK Government

UK GOV publication: Guidelines for AI procurement

In line with recognising that AI has the potential to greatly improve public services, the UK Government have published a Data Ethics Framework and A …

billing.png Electra

Electra Introduces Client Fee Billing Workflows for Buy-Side Investment Managers

Electra has released new audit and control workflows for its client fee billing solution. Electra Billing 6.0 helps chief financial officers (CFOs) reduce risk by increasing the accuracy and efficiency of approval workflows throughout vital steps in the fee billing lifecycle.


Applications open for Cohort 7 of the FCA’s Regulatory Sandbox

Applications for Cohort 7 of the FCA’s Regulatory Sandbox are now open!   The FCA’s Regulatory Sandbox is open to all types of solutions from …


Get to Know OTCFin’s ESG Integration Solution

Understanding the impact of ESG, having a solid data source, as well as excellent data management, are crucial – OTCFin is here to help.

iStock-926475264-1 OTCFin

OTCFin Announces Launch of ESG-integrated Portfolio Monitoring, Reporting and Consultancy Services

OTCFin announces the launch of a new solution to assist asset managers and portfolio managers in incorporating ESG factors in their portfolio monitoring and reporting. 

techinjections 2 Engine News

Distributed Ledger Technology: When will the talk become a reality?

Imagine a world without a smart phone? Has anyone under the age of 25 ever had the need for an A-Z, disposable camera or a …

IA-header-1.jpg Mattersmith

Court of Appeal Gives Certainty to Financial Traders

The ISDA Master Agreement, has been held by the Court of Appeal to take precedence over a bank’s general terms of business where these are in conflict.

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