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TotalEnergies-signage-in-a-city SESAMm

Alternative Data Trends: TotalEnergies

See how this energy giant’s brand equity, ESG, and public sentiment are affected leading up to and after being accused of alleged ties to Russian war crimes.

Dual-brand-banner-1 FINBOURNE

We Need a Renewed Focus on Goal 5: Gender Equality

Despite a steady rise of female representation in the workplace, the lack of females in leadership and decision-making roles remains a global issue. FINBOURNE partner and DEI data provider, Denominator, highlight the stark reality of gender inequality in the workplace, in its recent findings. The article explores the need for quantifiable and standardised data to hold companies accountable, while also empowering them to create meaningful change for women across the world.


Is keeping up changes in cryptocurrency making your head spin?

You need a break…and we’ve got just the thing. Play CUBE’s new game – CUBE’s Crypto Craze – and see if you can navigate CUBOT through the turbulent crypto regulatory landscape to reach the ultimate goal – Best Practice.

iStock-908006224 ClauseMatch

Investing in compliance technology no matter the size of your business

No matter the highly-regulated industry, whether it be insurance, asset management, banking, energy, education, or others, C-Suite executives are increasingly turning to RegTech to help automate and connect digitised business documents and artefacts that require governance, review and oversight.

NLP-A-Better-Way-to-Nowcast-Macro-and-Commodities SESAMm

NLP: A Better Way to Nowcast Macro and Commodities

Discover how macro and commodities traders can wrangle unstructured data to gain insights into companies and economic themes using SESAMm’s TextReveal API.

Reboot-Diversity-Project-and-Talk-about-Black-3 FINBOURNE

FINBOURNE Interviews Reboot, The Diversity Project and Talk about Black

FINBOURNE Technology interviews three leading industry groups to evaluate progress on under-representation in financial services, discuss future DE&I goals for the sector and the organisations driving change.

Screenshot-2022-11-04-at-11.07.35-1 ClauseMatch

Carol Lemos, Clausematch. Are you ready to prove the sustainability of your investment products?

Aiming to guarantee the UK’s place at the forefront of sustainable investment internationally, the FCA has just launched its consultation paper on Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) and investment labels. Is your firm ready to prove the sustainability of its investment products?

iStock-625736338.png SESAMm

Case Study: Tokio Marine Uses NLP to Predict Stock Price Movements

Learn why the largest non-mutual private insurance group in Japan tapped SESAMm for a joint research venture to predict future stock price movements and how.


De-risking operational change in capital markets

In this blog, FINBOURNE explore the common barriers to operational change and how firms can de-risk the process of innovation to become future-ready, with a SaaS-native Modern Financial Data Stack.

iStock-625736338.png ClauseMatch

First FinTech member Clausematch rejoins the Investment Association

Recognizing the steady expansion and growth of the investment management industry, Clausematch, a global regulatory technology company, announced today it has rejoined the UK’s Investment Association.

sesamm2 SESAMm

VIDEO: 3 Practical Techniques to Monitor ESG On Private Companies

Learn how private equity firms leverage new processes, data and analytics, and AI technologies like NLP, to monitor ESG on private companies.

Sibos-2022-1024x535-1 NayaOne

Sibos 2022 Roundup

Sibos 2022 Roundup by NayaOne

AFME_cmyk_high_CW_crop FINBOURNE

New EU sovereign bond trading data underlines need for careful post-trade deferrals calibration

The Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) and FINBOURNE Technology have today published the second in a series of new reports, which analyses EU sovereign and public bond trading data consolidated from numerous sources for the period of March to December 2021. This report follows an earlier April 2022 report which focused on the corporate bond trading landscape.

ICS-US-Announcement ICS

ICS opens office in North America

ICS expands into North America offering their modern investment data management platform ATHENA.

sesamm article SESAMm

Video: SESAMm Demonstrates New ESG Product at Finovate Fall 2022

Get an inside look into SESAMm’s latest product release: what it does, who it’s for, and how it solves data problems for investors and investment researchers.

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