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Combat-Clone-Part-II GD Financial Markets

GDFM Combat Clone Managed Service – Raising Your Defences (Part II)

It’s crucial that organisations seeking or managing investment processes consider the damage to brand and reputation through an incidence of cloning; as well as the real life impact. 

pexelsWO-2 WealthObjects

Hybrid Digital Advice Technology For Investments And Pensions

One of the most pressing questions the wealth management industry must now answer is how wealth firms change and improve their offering in line with different client demands and segments. They should be working to offer clients the digital tools and software capabilities to be able to enjoy better levels of engagement with their relationship manager.


Lynk Expert Insights: Alipay’s possible break-up implications on China’s tech stocks/ China: Potential Clean Energy Superpower/ What’s Really Happening in China?

Catch up on the latest research and insights from Lynk’s experts.

yibei-geng-UdYbiywGeg-unsplash AxiomHQ

Demonstrate Good Governance

Corporate Governance isn’t just about who sits on your board

December-blog-IA-engine CUBE

Can manual regulatory compliance processes keep up with the volume of regulatory change?

Regulatory change management for financial services is constant and unabating. Just as the compliance team gets on top of the latest regulatory development, another comes along. Large, global financial organisations not only have to content with the volume and velocity of regulatory change, but also with cross-border issues such as conflicting regulatory requirements, translating from multiple languages and a lack of global regulatory standards.

sam-barber-jpvytpATuDE-unsplash AxiomHQ

Accountability in Financial Services

Other jurisdictions look to the UK’s implementation of SM&CR to inform their own regimes.

kamil-pietrzak-AlA8S9tALAs-unsplash AxiomHQ

UK SOX: Improve Controls and Build Trust

Earlier this year, the BEIS issued its consultation paper: Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance.  The aim is to protect investors from corporate fraud and rebuild trust.

JTE-LinkedIn-Background-4 Jade ThirdEye

Add your voice to the inaugural Global AML Compliance Officer Report

The research questions have been compiled in association with various professionals in the AML sector. A copy of the report will be available later this year. Submit your response today.

andrew-seaman-W4znKErxVaI-unsplash AxiomHQ

Better Breach Management

A firm’s operational error log can provide a great deal of information about its compliance culture.


Qredo Launches Cross-Chain Crypto Trading Platform for Institutions

Investors are invited to experiment with the open beta launch of Liquidity Hub, the peer-to-peer trading venue that brings trustless over-the-counter transactions to the digital asset market.

mathias-jensen-5x4U6InVXpc-unsplash AxiomHQ

Tips for Effective Compliance Monitoring

All regulated firms are obliged to conduct compliance monitoring. Various issues can throw the entire programme off schedule from the start.

Businessman-standing-with-umbrella-keeping-orange-arrow-concept-on-background-1 Jacobi

What tricks will stick when asset managers head back to the office?

As asset managers head back to the office, what digital initiatives will help to set them apart from the competition over the next decade?

sawyer-bengtson-umRPY9w3q1c-unsplash Jacobi

What will the future hold for the OCIO/Consultant?

The phenomenon of outsourced investment services has exploded in recent years, yet providers who foster greater transparency through digitalization may be the ultimate beneficiaries in the decade ahead.

Defocused Blurred Motion Abstract Background Engine News

SPARKS programme to kickstart early-stage FinTechs launched today by Engine

A new industry-leading programme to boost early-stage FinTechs has been launched today by Engine, The Investment Association’s specialist FinTech accelerator and innovation hub for the …

CYG-OP-Resilience-Blog-Banner-Web Cygnetise

Operational resilience: Rules and guidance in the UK

The UK government has recently launched a new regulatory framework that aims to provide formal guidance on how organisations can tackle and build strong operational resilience. In our latest blog, we discuss the what, when and how of the UK’s new upcoming operational resilience mandate.

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