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JTE-LinkedIn-Background-2 Jade ThirdEye

Can your AML compliance solution also help you combat internal fraud?

With working from home becoming more the norm since the start of the Global pandemic, organisations have had to look for ways to mitigate the potential associated internal fraud risks, often on a tight budget.

Qredo thumbnail Qredo

Qredo Raises $35M as Demand for Cross-Chain Crypto Infrastructure Grows

Designed for institutions expanding their digital asset footprint, Qredo’s radical new infrastructure attracts strong investor demand in its Private and Public token sale.

photo-1579621970795-87facc2f976d.jpeg OTCFin

How The Financial Community Faces ESG

Various types of agreements and regulations have been made since ESG emerged in financial markets. Many institutions presented their ESG assessment and scoring methodologies and their approaches in incorporating ESG factors in the investment process. In this article, we explore how the financial community has addressed ESG in our evolving world

Huge Bald Eagle Overhead, Wings Spread in Blue Sky Trendrating

Trendrating – How to Profit from Performance Dispersion Across Stocks, Make Trends Work for You and Boost your Returns

Author: Trendrating –   Any investment strategy can be improved to maximize returns. The evolving market dynamics expose the limits of strategies exclusively based …

OTCFin-New-Large-2.png OTCFin

Blackmore Capital and OTCFin to Collaborate on ESG-integrated Portfolio Monitoring and Reporting Services

Blackmore Capital, a Melbourne-based asset management company, and OTCFin, a NY-based risk and regulatory reporting firm have completed the integration of ESG factors with financial data for all Blackmore Capital’s portfolios

OTCFin-New-Large-1.png OTCFin

Ecosystem Investment Partners Selects OTCFin for PRIIPs Calculations

Ecosystem Investment Partners (EIP), a U.S.-based financial asset manager, has selected OTCFin to assist them with the PRIIPs KID regulatory calculations for the launch of their PRIIP

AdobeStock_169831424.jpeg GainX

Liberating Leaders With AI-Driven Decision Making

It’s time that organisations take AI out of the basement and put it into the hands of senior leaders. AI can turn reactive executives into strategic, forward-thinking, proactive leaders – driving business value today while ensuring resilience for future disruptions.

photo-1460925895917-afdab827c52f.jpeg OTCFin

ESG Integration and Covid Recovery – Vision for 2022

Despite the lack of clear foresight in the financial investment sector, decisions have to be made and strategies formulated. Asset managers must always look for ways to steer their portfolios in the right direction to mitigate as much risk as possible and navigate through uncertainty.

OTCFin-New-Large.png OTCFin

HPS Investment Partners (“HPS”) Selects OTCFin for PRIIPs Calculations

HPS Investment Partners, a U.S.-based investment company, has selected OTCFin to assist them with their PRIIPs KID calculations for the launch of their PRIIP

logo_original-1.png OTCFin

Investment Fund Services Limited (IFSL) Subscribes to OTCFin’s PATOne PRIIPs Calculations and Monitoring Service

Investment Fund Services Limited (IFSL), a U.K.-based investment company, has selected OTCFin to assist them with their implementation of their PRIIPs KIDs initial calculation and on-going monitoring.

Signposts.png Ediphy

A Consolidated Tape for European Bond Markets

Ediphy’s ethos and principles made it an inevitability they would seek to create a consolidated tape for European bond markets

Ediphy-with-name-red.png Ediphy

Ediphy Announces Consolidated Tape Initiative

Ediphy launches a consolidated tape initiative for the European bond market and invites early adopters to support the final development of an advanced prototype

3-strategies-to-attract-new-clients-in-wealth-management_1.jpg Wealth Dynamix

Three strategies to attract new clients in wealth management

What’s driving people away from traditional wealth managers towards digital-first firms? Industry experts offer their strategic solutions.

dear-insert-name-here.jpg Wealth Dynamix

Servitisation – backed by data-driven hyper-personalisation

Data-driven hyper-personalisation must be used intelligently, to avoid inaccurate assumptions and boost relevance.

Tim_leadership_piece_blog_feature_image_18ff13daff.png Lynk

Lynk Expert Insights: Are You an Expert?/ Lynk’s Round Up of 5 LGBT Experts and 5 D,E&I Experts

Catch up on the latest research and insights from Lynk’s experts.

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