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resized_Announcements-LGIM-and-Tumelo Tumelo

LGIM partners with Tumelo to offer pass-through voting

Tumelo is powering Legal & General Investment Management’s pass-through voting offering, with the £2bn Camden Pension Fund being the first client to take up the service.


As Technology Evolves, Asset Managers Adapt and Innovate

In a recent Q&A with Markets Media, Alexander Monte, Director, Asset & Wealth Management Consulting – North America at Alpha FMC, and Christopher Farrell, Head of US and Global Strategy at FINBOURNE Technology explore the benefits of a modern data pipeline, to adapt and innovate in a dynamic and competitive market.

Copy-of-Metaverse-Cover Maycode

The Transformative Benefits of Generative AI for Asset Managers

In this article, our experts at Maycode delve into the evolving use-cases of Generative AI in Asset Management to unlock Strategic Value. Similarly, we illuminate steps to deploy generative AI.

Axioma-insight Jacobi

Jacobi and Axioma forge new partnership bringing investment managers enhanced risk analytics and optimization tools

Jacobi has announced a partnership with Axioma, a leading global provider of factor risk models, portfolio construction tools, and enterprise risk solutions

resized_Charlie-Gibson-PR Propellant

Charlie Gibson Joins as Head of EMEA Sales

Charlie Gibson Joins as Head of EMEA Sales

resized_DORA-Regulations-2023-KYND-Website KYND

Exploring DORA for financial services

Exploring DORA for financial services: How to effectively navigate the jungle of regulatory concerns

resized_AI-DEI-blog FINBOURNE

Is artificial intelligence facing a diversity crisis?

AI has come a long way since its inception in the 1950s, transforming our lives and work. Yet, amidst its rapid progress, the crucial need for ethical standards is often overlooked. In our latest blog, FINBOURNE explore what truly makes a machine intelligent and the pivotal role of data quality in AI model development. With input from the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) data provider, Denominator, FINBOURNE shine a spotlight on AI’s intersection with ethics, society, and its direct impact on DEI efforts in 2023.

resized_Unlocking-competitive-edge FINBOURNE

Unlocking Competitive Edge: The Untapped Potential of Machine Learning in Financial Services

Machine Learning (ML) dominates the narrative in financial services, just as in practically every other industry. In this piece FINBOURNE examine its current use cases and why the take up in Investment Management hasn’t been more widespread. They then look at practical and achievable steps to harness relevant aspects of the innovation.

resized_White-paper-banner 2RSquared

Expand Research and 2RSquared present joint white paper on technology’s role in ESG integration

Today, Expand Research, a BCG Company, and 2RSquared present a collaborative insights white paper titled “Technology’s Role in ESG Integration in the Buy-side” that delves into how companies can leverage technology to stay ahead.

Ruleguard-for-SMCR Ruleguard

Is SM&CR Working?

HMT: “…some stakeholders have raised concerns about their experiences of specific aspects of the regime…”

Header-for-ia-engine Portfolio MC

Fractional CMO

I am a Fractional CMO and marketing strategist who specialises in fintech for the investment management industry.  

resized_actively-managed-certificates-amc FundFront

What are Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs)?

What are Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs)?

resized_shutterstock_1350699050-1 Jacobi

Not all APIs are created equal

Investment technologies are quick to boast of their API credentials. But a close inspection reveals that many leave a lot to be desired.

VENDOR-iQ-Selecting-an-Authorised-Corporate-Director Graphene

Selecting an Authorised Corporate Director

Choose the right ACD for investment success: Regulatory compliance, alignment, technology, service, and scalability considerations explained.

Screenshot-2023-08-15-114650 NayaOne

The Rise of Digital Sandboxes: A game-changer in policy making and financial technology

The Rise of Digital Sandboxes

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