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pawel-czerwinski-bX9B9c-YasY-unsplash.jpg Level E Research

AI and Investment Management

Investment managers rely on technology to support decision-making, administration, and governance. Machine learning takes this further, removing foibles, heuristics and biases.

Renee_Yao_Neo_Ivy_Capital_Founder_f65df74439.jpg Lynk

Neo Ivy Capital’s Renee Yao: The Woman Who Quants

From graduating with a MA in statistics, managing money for buyside firms, to starting a hedge fund – this is a path rarely shows up in any young girls’ dreams, and studies have shown that this is also not a preferred career among female professionals.

IA-Engine_Sales-and-Trade-compliance.jpg ipushpull

Regulators Focus On Compliance as Sales and Traders’ Workflows Remain Under Scrutiny

Firms that use automation and data-as-a-service will be better able to meet regulatory requirements as regulators focus in on sales and traders’ workflows.

Lynk_Mark_Konyn_gradient_bg_c9f445ed44.png Lynk

AIA’s Mark Konyn: Lack of Diversity No Longer an Excuse in 2020

When Mark Konyn entered the finance industry in mid-80s London, he thought lack of diversity and representation in his sector were issues of the past. It was later in his career that Konyn realised not only his assumptions were wrong, but the buyside industry he belonged to also had a significantly low women representation in senior levels globally.

joakim-honkasalo-xurSt4KdKL4-unsplash.jpg Level E Research

AI and Financial Services

Algorithms have come to dominate financial markets. Funds run by computers now account for 60pct of trading activity.

joakim-honkasalo-ssvjJLB6wIw-unsplash.jpg Level E Research

Why The AI Revolution Matters

Author: Level E Research –   In 2016, Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the Geneva-based World Economic Forum coined the term ‘The …

SESAMm-Fundraising-2021.png SESAMm

SESAMm Closes Series B Round with NewAlpha Asset Management and The Carlyle Group

Author: SESAMm –   SESAMm, one of the leading providers of analytics and artificial intelligence solutions for investment professionals and enterprises, has concluded a …

Lynk_Virginie_Maisonneuve_featured_4c102ea844-1.png Lynk

MGA Consulting’s Virginie Maisonneuve: Success on the Buyside Takes Discipline and Innovation

When successful investment strategy is often thought to be powered by advanced data analysis and technology combined with industry experience, Virginie Maisonneuve, founding partner and CEO of MGA Consulting, says there are other critical factors that underpin the creation of a sustainable investment process.

Lakhmi_Iyer_Kmf_1_2000x1200_e4e2c979c6-1.jpg Lynk

Kotak Mahindra’s Lakshmi Iyer: More is More For Female Buyside Leader Development

Envision walking into a conference room, looking around, and finding yourself to be the only woman in the room — a scenario not uncommon in the investment management industry in the 90s. While India is home to phenomenal female leaders who have changed the face of the buyside, a report by Morningstar brings to light a stark reality.

Blue Fire AI

Here be dragons: China investors should prepare for a voyage into the unknown in 2021

2020’s market woes carry over into this year

Leading Point

Peter Wallqvist joins Leading Point as Chief Product Officer

Peter Wallqvist, Chief Product Officer at Leading Point


IT & Cyber Security – Why IT matters and what should you expect of your software suppliers?

Author: Worksmart –   In the April edition of T-CNews, I wrote about the regulatory and economic changes that were affecting the financial services …

. Worksmart

Which Regulatory Software Suppliers Should Firms Trust?

Author: Worksmart –   Extensive change has been happening and continues to happen in the world of compliance. Major new regulation has been ‘landing’ …

iStock-92647526 Worksmart

Operational Resilience: The tipping point to a better world?

Author: Worksmart –   In December 2019, the FCA issued its Consultation Paper (CP19/32) on Operational Resilience. The CP laid out the FCA’s intentions …

Q4-interim-BAU-priority-areas-210119.png Imperium Risk

OpRisk priorities for 2021

Top Risk themes for 2021

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