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For_ia_engine Portfolio MC

How Fractional CMOs Drive ROI For Businesses

When investing in outsourced expertise like a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (FCMO), businesses want to see clear returns. FCMOs understand this desire for tangible results ...
sharks Jacobi

Beneath Calm Waters: The Challenges of Model Portfolio Management

This article outlines the impacts of model proliferation, case studies and best practice suggestions for how technology can scale model portfolio processes efficiently for the ...
. Trendrating

How to handle the indices Rollercoaster?

Can the last two years  provide an indication of what to expect in the new market regime? What is the right perspective going forward?
. Portfolio MC

A Fractional CMO Checklist for Fintech Firms

The decisions made in the formative years of a firm can have major consequences further down the track.
Screenshot 2024-01-10 100511 Engine News

FINBOURNE Technology and OpenFin join first cohort of expanded IA Engine innovator programme

The Investment Association (IA) has today launched its latest initiative through Engine, its specialist FinTech accelerator and innovation hub for the investment management industry. The ...
iStock-681931894-1 Portfolio MC

Fractional vs In-House: Capabilities Growth

We’re about to delve into the advantages of hiring a Fractional CMO, the task of building an in-house marketing team, the relative cost-benefits of both ...

Climate Action and Financial Commitment: Exploring the Legacy and Challenges of COP Conferences

For nearly three decades, the world has annually witnessed an event of critical importance for the future of our climate: the Conferences of the Parties, ...

Pension Insurance Corporation selects FINBOURNE to provide enterprise financial data management across the business

Pension Insurance Corporation (PIC), the specialist UK pension insurer, has chosen FINBOURNE Technology to provide investment data management capabilities, to help drive their data strategy. ...
The-future-of-finance-VENDOR-iQ Graphene

Unlocking the Future of Finance: Insights from Wayne Green

In an era where financial services meet cutting-edge technology, Vendor Management and Surveillance have become not just essential but strategic. It's no longer a cost ...
Fintech-VENDOR-iQ Graphene

The Fintech Evolution

VENDOR iQ seamlessly bridges tradition and innovation in the financial services sector, combining the strengths of established institutions with modern fintech solutions. Explore our solutions ...
Top 5 ESG Controversies SESAMm

Top ESG Controversies in 2023: A Year in Review

With 2023 drawing to an end, we wanted to share the most relevant ESG controversies during the year. In this article, we provide a comprehensive ...
Screenshot-929 Portfolio MC

Unlocking Potential: Knowing When To Hire a Fractional CMO

Unlocking Potential: Knowing when to hire a fractional CMO

Navigating the ESG Impact of Generative AI: Risks, Controversies, and Positive Initiatives

As generative AI has grown from a fledgling concept to a force disrupting most industries, its broader implications have come under scrutiny. Public perception of ...
Efficient-Supply-Chain Graphene

Efficiency and Cost Savings in Wealth & Asset Management

Turn vendor challenges into advantages with VENDOR iQ. Streamline operations, cut costs, and elevate compliance in investment management.
resized_PD-google-V3-2 Propellant

ICMA, in collaboration with Propellant, publishes third semi-annual report that provides detailed data on EU and UK bond market trading activity

Secondary Market Practices Committee European Secondary Bond Market Data

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