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Answers to frequently asked questions about Engine and the Engine Innovator programme

To access a range of publications, guidelines, circulars, data and statistics on the Investment Association website, please go through the following steps:

1. Log into your account on the Engine website

2. Click on My account, then click on the Access IA Resources box.

You should then be directed to the Members Area of the IA website, where you can view all available IA resources.

Note: Please be advised that you will need to go through the Engine website and follow these steps every time you would like to access the Members Area of the IA website. You cannot log in directly through the IA website.

Engine welcomes as members all types of FinTech firms that are seeking to deliver solutions to the investment management industry. Members can vary widely in their stages of funding and maturity.


For more information see Apply here

No, this is a UK and worldwide initiative and we very much welcome all applications.

Aside from our range of online resources that are available to all IA FinTech Members, we also provide The Engine Room – a co-working space in central Birmingham.


The Engine Room is primarily available to participants in our IA Engine Innovator programme. However, any IA FinTech Member interested in using the space is welcome to contact us and we can advise on current availability.


We also run a range of events in Birmingham, in which all IA FinTech Members are invited to participate. If you would like to hold an event in Birmingham or use one of The Engine Room’s meeting facilities, please contact us to discuss at [email protected].


We promote all opportunities for event engagement in Birmingham via the Engine e-newsletter, which you should receive at the start of each month.


We are also building a network of global FinTech and investment management partnerships to support our members. See here for more information.

We are primarily interested in the solutions that can be delivered to the investment management industry rather than the technology used to deliver them.  That said, technologies used by our members include but are by no means limited to:


  • Cloud
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • DLT (Blockchain)
  • Robotics
  • Mobile Technology
  • Big Data.

No – the Investment Association does not take any equity stake in the businesses that it supports through Engine.

No – but ideally you will have a UK presence. You must have employees eligible to work in the United Kingdom and/or obtain visas on your own. Engine cannot sponsor visas.

No – each business participating in Engine retains full control of its business.

To join as an IA FinTech Member, the cost is £100 plus VAT per month, payable by automatic subscription.

You must have been accepted as an IA FinTech member to qualify for participation in the Engine Innovator Programme. IA FinTech Membership is £100 plus VAT per month. There is no additional fee for the IA Engine Innovator programme.

The Engine Advisory Panel, which comprises 28 experts from investment management and related disciplines, decide on the successful applicants based on specific criteria and fit within the industry.

The process for selecting FinTech firms for the Engine Innovator programme is as follows:

1. IA FinTech Members with no outstanding fees can apply.

2. Applicants submit their company details, a completed application form, along with a brief video about their business and a signed Summary of Terms to the Engine team.

3. Applications are reviewed and shortlisted by the Advisory Panel and firms are informed if they have been selected for the next stage.

4. Shortlisted firms are subject to further internal review. Any additional information and due diligence is requested where necessary.

5. An interview and presentation to selected board members determines which of the shortlisted firms are selected for the programme.

6. Up to 10 shortlisted applicants are invited to participate in the Engine Innovators Programme. Unsuccessful applicants can reapply for future cohorts.

Applications for the Engine Innovator programme are open twice yearly, and are open for a minimum of six weeks each time. See the next opportunity to apply for the programme here.

We select up to 10 firms for each six-month cohort.

Absolutely. We treat application data as confidential information. We do not sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) as our application does not ask for details of any specialist technologies behind your product and there is no reason you have to disclose this to us if you’re not comfortable doing so.

Engine cannot make any guarantees with regard to your perceived level of value and success. However, if you do have any concerns you will be invited to speak with your mentor and, where deemed appropriate, the chair of the Engine Advisory Panel.

We certainly do not want to lose touch! Many firms continue to build on the experience and we have a very active alumni. See firms who have completed the programme here.

The £100 plus VAT monthly fee for Engine can be paid in two ways:


Direct Debit payment plan

Automatic payments by credit card using the Stripe payment platform.

Engine offers a range of means to promote your brand, products, activities and insight:


  1. When you first join Engine, you will be included in our Social Media Announcement Campaign across Twitter and LinkedIn, welcoming your firm on board.

  2. Your branding and details will be included on the Engine website as an ‘IA FinTech Member’.


  1. You will be showcased as a solution provider in the Engine ‘Tech shop window’ which includes an advanced search function to allow your proposition to be found quickly by interested investment firms.


  1. Your brand will be featured in IA’s member newsletter under ‘This Month in Engine’.


  1. There are regular opportunities to feature your events, blogs, reports and thought leadership on the Engine website, email and social media.

    To submit content, please log into your account on the Engine website, click My Account and then click on Share content. To discuss marketing your activity, email the Engine team at

To opt in/out of Engine mailing lists, you need to access the Members Area of the IA website:


  • Log into your account on the Engine website
  • Click on My account, then click on Create IA account – you should now be redirected to the Members Area of the IA website
  • Go to My account and then click Mailing lists. Here you will be able to opt in/out from a variety of circulars, newsletters and policy updates.

Giving your colleagues access to the Engine website and the wider IA resources is quick and simple:


  • Log into your account on the Engine website
  • Click on My account – go to Team and click on the button that allows you to add team members.
  • Once you have entered their details, your colleague(s) will receive an email allowing them to set up their account and access Engine and IA resources.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Engine membership, please email [email protected] and we will assist you or schedule a call with you to discuss.

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