A New Approach to Performance Attribution

Thursday 4 November 2021 |
 3:00 pm


Thursday 4 November 2021

Start Time:  

3:00 pm



Portfolio managers, performance teams and the wider front office need fast, reliable, user-friendly performance attribution capabilities to provide ongoing visibility of the source of their portfolio returns. Cumbersome attribution tools that lack the flexibility to align with different investment strategies obscure important insights, introduce operational overheads and make optimal performance impossible.

Find out how we have addressed these challenges by integrating our thinkFolio investment management platform with CloudAttribution’s best-in-class performance attribution capabilities. The integration brings together thinkFolio’s multi-asset decision support suite and CloudAttribution’s cloud-native, flexible attribution models, technology and reporting for fixed income and multi-asset portfolio management.

During the webinar we will discuss:

  • The evolving requirements of the front office for granular and intuitive performance analyses
  • The unique attribution requirements of fixed income and multi-asset portfolio management strategies
  • CloudAttribution’s innovative returns-based approach and light data requirements
  • The benefits of the cloud for the front office, including the flexibility to address complex attribution challenges
  • The role of interoperability and best-in-class solutions throughout the investment lifecycle
  • Demo
  • Q&A

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