Adapt, Evolve or Die? Creating the Knowledge Advantage

Wednesday 7 October 2020 |
 3:30 pm
 – 4:30 pm


Wednesday 7 October 2020

Start Time:  

3:30 pm


Zoom Webinar


KiteEdge are pleased to announce the first of a new three-part webinar series for Asset Managers, designed to explore one key aspect of digital transformation – Knowledge Management.


Join our expert panel members – Dr. Ashby Monk (Stanford Global Projects Center), David Hamill (Alpha FMC), and Derek Ewing (KiteEdge) – for practical steps you can take yourself and how to get your firm ready for the transformative challenges ahead.


The Asset Management industry is mid-way through a digitisation process that is not simply about introducing new technologies (that are proven elsewhere); the process is more complex and requires Managers to adopt new ways of working and to change traditional behaviours (thereby evolving the firm’s culture) in order to be successful.


Over the course of three sessions, Stanford’s academic research, Alpha FMC’s practical implementation experience and KiteEdge’s specialist focus on this opportunity will provide thought-provoking and invaluable insights into steps Managers can take.

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