Effective Risk Management

Wednesday 27 October 2021 |
 11:00 am
 – 12:00 pm


Wednesday 27 October 2021

Start Time:  

11:00 am


Virtual Event


We might define a successful business by its ability to meet its objectives.  However, firms won’t get very far unless they know their risks and manage them.  It requires effort from the whole business to understand the issues and take appropriation action.

In our webinar, we’ll look at the steps senior managers can take to improve risk management throughout their business.

Join us on 

Wednesday 27 October at 11.00 am BST

Our experts consider how to improve your systems and controls to help manage risks.

  • Priscilla Gaudoin, Head of Client Regulation
  • Matthew Bruce, Head of Product


Key learning takeaways

  • Challenges of implementing risk management programmes
  • Risk ownership within your organisation
  • Tips on improving risk management within your organisation
  • Raising staff engagement throughout the business

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