Embedded Finance to Embedded Real Estate

Thursday 20 April 2023 |
 4:30 pm
 – 5:15 pm


Thursday 20 April 2023

Start Time:  

4:30 pm


Virtual Event


Learn how financial services providers can drive customer acquisition and retention strategies using embedded interactive property data experiences. Join the conversation on how we are taking lessons learnt from the growth in embedded finance to innovate and create customer journeys using cutting-edge real estate data.

Tony Prestedge (ex-Santander), Sandra Jones (Managing Director, Dataloft) and Dr. Stefan Heitmann (Founder MoneyPark and Co-founder PriceHubble) will discuss how forward-thinking incumbents leverage property valuations and market insights to power their business models. The discussion will be moderated by Ian Walsh (PriceHubble UK).

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