FCA Series: Introduction to Combating Financial Crime

Monday 17 October 2022 |
 4:00 pm
 – 5:00 pm


Monday 17 October 2022

Start Time:  

4:00 pm


Virtual Meeting


Do you want to gain insights into the world of Financial crime compliance (FCC)?

Maycode’s Financial Crime Academy (FCA) present introduction to combating financial crime.

Join us for an insightful introductory session to combating financial crime. This workshop is open to all but more suited to graduates and professionals aspiring to venture into or gain understanding of Financial Crime Compliance.

The curriculum of Introduction to Combating Financial Crime essentially comprise of the basic understanding of financial crimes and the risks associated with them, money laundering cases, corruption and tax evasions, identity thefts, the range of frauds, fraud response policy, producing dossiers for effective monitoring of potential disruptions in the operational proceedings of an organisation, and the laws and regulations that encompass financial compliance.

The course is categorised into separate levels corresponding to the level of understanding of the participants on the context of the financial crime agenda. This introductory level is basically for participants who are interested in gaining insights to the risks associated with financial crime compliance. Furthermore to complete the introductory section and recieve certificate from FCA, attendees will be required to register and attend other sessions.


Brief Introduction to FCC
FCC Regulations and Regulators
Role of Three line of Defence

This course has a practical focus and is open to anyone who is interested in the subject.

Who should attend?

Financial Service Professionals
All professionals – in regulated institutions
Aspiring Compliance Professionals
Aspiring Sanction/KYC/AML Professionals

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