IA Annual Conference 2024

Wednesday 5 June 2024 |
 8:00 am
 – 6:00 pm


Wednesday 5 June 2024

Start Time:  

8:00 am


Leonardo Royal Hotel St Pauls


Our largest flagship event of the year, the IA Annual Conference will take place at the Leonardo Royal Hotel St Pauls in central London on Wednesday 05 June 2024.

Our theme for the conference is “Preparing for tomorrow: Resilience, Adaptation, and Transformation in Investment Management”.

Against the backdrop of persistently high-interest rates, inflationary pressures, and a busy electoral calendar, 2024 is a year of significant challenge for the investment management industry.

This year’s conference will encourage participants to consider how firms can be more resilient in the face of economic uncertainty, adapt quickly and effectively to regulatory change, and harness the transformative effect of technology and innovation in our industry.

With keynote speeches from leading industry figures at the global, regional, and domestic levels, this year’s conference will also provide a platform for up to 800 participants from across the industry to exchange knowledge, insights, and experiences and network with colleagues, policymakers, and regulators alike.

08:00 Registrations and Breakfast

09:30 Opening remarks

09:45 Keynote: Bim Afolami MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury

10:00 Engine Innovator – Cohort 7

10:05 Panel One – Leading through times of uncertainty

  • Moderator – Chris Cummings, Chief Executive Officer, The Investment Association
  • Michelle Scrimgeour, Chief Executive Officer, Legal & General Investment Management
  • John McCareins, Head of International and of EMEA, Northern Trust
  • Ann Prendergast, Head of EMEA, State Street Global Advisors

Amid a period of sustained economic and political uncertainty, how will the investment management industry navigate its way to continued success? In this session, leading CEOs from across the industry will debate the opportunities for the year ahead and how they see the industry tackling challenges arising from the arrival of new tech, geopolitical competition, and a more protectionist approach to regulating financial services. In this session, we will explore:

  • How is the investment industry responding to the challenges and opportunities of the post-pandemic world, such as digital transformation, ESG integration, and regulatory change?
  • What are the best practices and lessons learned in terms of building operational resilience in member firms and how have key players been amending their portfolios?
  • What are the key thematic issues that will shape the future of the investment industry in the year ahead, such as innovation, diversity, inclusion, and social impact?
  • How can the investment industry collaborate and engage with policymakers, regulators, and stakeholders against the backdrop of major elections in the UK, EU, and US?

10:50 Networking break

11:20 Engine Innovator – Cohort 7

11:25 Keynote: Nikhil Rathi, CEO, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

11:40 Panel Two – Understanding Attitudes to Investing & Diversifying the Investor Base
Engaging a broader cross-section of society in investing is essential in helping people to meet their life goals from buying their first home to living comfortably in retirement. It is also beneficial for investment managers as we work to drive better investment outcomes and extend our reach. Women are generating wealth at a faster rate than ever before, and understanding the drivers of their investment decisions can help us to better engage and diversify the investor base. Similarly, fostering a positive and healthy relationship with investing among younger generations is crucial. In this session, we will draw on recent research to share insights into the behaviours and attitudes of different investor groups and discuss how the industry can adapt to be more appealing to them.

We will explore:

  • Insights into what drives women to invest, with findings from Hargreaves Lansdown’s recent research, ‘Why Women Invest’.
  • What we know about young people’s investment habits and their views on investing
  • The role of ‘finfluencers’ in bridging the information gap and how the industry can do more to guide and educate investors.
  • Are there similarities in the barriers faced by women and young people when it comes to investing, and what lessons can be learned?
  • The appeal of crypto as a gateway to investing and who it attracts.

Moderator – Karis Stander, Director of Culture, Talent and Inclusion, The Investment Association

  • Maike Currie, Head of Marketing Campaigns & Content, Hargreaves Lansdown
  • Holly Mackay, Founder and CEO, Boring Money
  • Miranda Seath, Director, Market Insight & Fund Sectors, The Investment Association

12:25 Personal Resilience: A conversation with Sarah de Lagarde

  • Moderator – Karen Northey, Director of Corporate Affairs, The Investment Association
  • Sarah de Lagarde, Global Head of Corporate Affairs, Janus Henderson Investors

12:40 Networking break

13:40 Engine Innovator – Cohort 7

13:45 Keynote Presentation on Macroeconomic Outlook

Stephanie Flanders, Head of Economics and Government, Bloomberg News

14:00 Panel Three – Adapting to the Regulatory Agenda

Moderator – Galina Dimitrova, Director of Investment and Capital Markets, The IA

  • Christopher Davis, Head of Asset Management Supervision, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – (UK)
  • Antonio Barattelli, Head of Investment Management Unit, European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) – (EU)
  • Sarah ten Siethoff, Deputy Director of the Division of Investment Management and Associate Director for the Rulemaking Office, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – (US)

As the investment landscape continues to evolve globally, regulatory authorities in the UK, US, and EU find themselves at the forefront of critical decisions for our industry. The emergence of new technologies, innovative products, and evolving business models presents both challenges and opportunities. In this panel discussion, leading representatives from the FCA, SEC, and ESMA delve into:

  • How the regulatory authorities from the UK and US are adapting to the evolving landscape of the investment industry, such as the emergence of new technologies, products, and business models.
  • What are the main challenges and priorities for the regulators in ensuring the stability, integrity, and efficiency of the investment markets and protecting investors and consumers.
  • What are the opportunities and benefits of cross-border cooperation and coordination, especially in areas such as data sharing, supervision, enforcement, and standard setting.
  • How to foster a dialogue and partnership with the investment industry and other stakeholders to promote innovation, competition, and inclusion in the investment sector.

14:45 Keynote – Labour perspective: Darren Jones MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury

15:00 Networking break

15:30 Engine Innovator – Cohort 7

15:35 Partner Presentation

15:50 Panel four – Innovative Investment: Harnessing Technology for Tomorrow’s Investors & Markets

Moderator: Jonathan Lipkin, Director of Policy, Strategy, and Innovation, The Investment Association

  • Stephen Bird, Chief Executive Officer, abrdn
  • Nasreen Kasenally, UK CEO Asset Management., UBS Asset Management
  • Rima Varsy, Head of Investments Technology, Europe, Vanguard
  • David newns, Head SIX Digital Exchange, Six Group

From DLT and tokenisation to genAI and space satellite data, innovation is reshaping the investment management industry. Our panel looks into the drivers and barriers for investment managers as they navigate the digital revolution. We explore the implications—both promising and perilous—of new technology and changing investor requirements, including:

  • How are technological innovation and transformation reshaping the investment management industry?
  • What are the key drivers and barriers for investment managers to leverage technology in their operations, strategies, and products?
  • What are the implications and risks of technology for investment managers, such as cybersecurity, data privacy, ethical issues, and regulatory compliance?
  • How can investment managers foster a culture and mindset of innovation and transformation in their organisations, as well as collaborate and learn from other industries and sectors?
  • How can technology help provide a more effective and personalised experience for the investors of tomorrow?

16:35 Closing remarks: Chris Cummings, Chief Executive, The Investment Association

16:45 Networking drinks

18:00 Close

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