Machine Learning for FinTech Startups – AWS

Friday 19 June 2020 |
 10:00 am
 – 12:00 pm


Friday 19 June 2020

Start Time:  

10:00 am


Amazon Web Services

Machine Learning can help Fintechs leverage data, stay competitive, improve the customer journey and add business value. In this webinar you will hear how Fintech startups are taking advantage of Machine Learning. You will then get started with a hands on workshop where you will learn how to build, train and run secure and compliant Machine Learning models in the regulated Fintech vertical.

Participants will be invited to join an AWS specialist AIML solution architect for office hours approximately 1 week after the session

This event is part of the AWS Startup Garage which provides startups with support and resources in tackling both technical and business challenges. The Garage creates an environment where startups can learn from startup experts and their peers as part of the AWS for Startups community.

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