Surfing the Unpredictable: Inside the Cyber-Mind of Investment

Thursday 22 April 2021 |
 2:00 pm
 – 2:55 pm


Thursday 22 April 2021

Start Time:  

2:00 pm


This event took place on 22 April 2021, please find an on demand version available below:



Event overview

The effect of the pandemic, the stampede to remote working, and increased digital connectivity across the value-chain allows risks and vulnerabilities to go unmanaged and undetected. This leaves cyber criminals free to exploit potential threat opportunities and human vulnerabilities in management and operational systems.


To properly combat these attacks requires a deeper understanding of the human psychologies that lie behind cyber security breaches and a greater strategic appreciation of the cyber solutions that might offset them.


The Investment Association and the Engine invites you to our second TechTalk of 2021 as we explore cyber security within investment management.


In the TechTalk we’ll be exploring a number of topic areas:


  • •  Organised Crime, Rogue nations, corrupt competitors and insider threat – the increasing complexity of the attack surface
  • •   The issue of access vulnerabilities – and how to secure best practice one person at a time.
  • •   The human insights that sit behind the malevolent agents, their tools, strategies and approaches.
  • •   Protecting Assets: Client Portfolios, fund assets, shareholder registers


This is a unique opportunity to learn from the experts in cyber psychology and hacking about human fallibilities, failings and grievances that play into the hands of threat actors and the impact this can have on Asset Management companies.


This event is for both technical and non-technical people alike. Don’t delay, register today.


Speaker Biographies:

Julia Streets, Founder & CEO, Streets Consulting
Julia Streets is a champion of fintech and cyber innovation, equality, diversity and inclusion.
In 2007, she incorporated her business Streets Consulting, the business development, marketing and communications consultancy.
Since then she and her team have advised awide range of international firms in the field of fintech, capital markets and payments innovation, and offering specialist technology including blockchain, artificial intelligence, cyber security and more. Prior to founding Streets Consulting in 2008, Julia was global head of communications at NYSE Technologies, serving on the Executive Committee, and European head of marketing and sales development at Instinet.
Julia is a proud mentor of The Investment Association’s fintech cohort ‘The Engine’, Accenture’s Fintech Lab and has also served as a mentor at CyLon.
In 2017 Julia launched a podcast series ‘DiverCity Podcast’, talking about diversity and inclusion in financial services. On each episode, she interviews industry luminaries to shine a light on positive progress, call out areas requiring further focus and offer insights and best practice to help listeners drive change. @DiverCitypod /


Steve Bradford, Sr. Vice President, Sailpoint
Steve Bradford brings to SailPoint nearly 30 years in IT, with more than 20 years spent selling enterprise software and SaaS solutions. He serves as SailPoint’s Senior Vice President, EMEA where he is responsible for driving consistent growth across the company’s EMEA business. Steve joins SailPoint from Automation Anywhere, where he served as the company’s Vice President of Europe. Previously, he held senior sales leadership roles at ServiceNow, Salesforce, SAP, and IBM.
“Customers are looking for enterprise-class SaaS identity solutions that meet their evolving business needs and SailPoint brings exactly that to the benefit of our customers here in EMEA and across the globe.”


Julie Murphy
Julie Murphy is a PhD researcher with interests in the human target and cybersecurity communication. Julie currently works in banking and has a 20-year background in telecoms and technology. She is actively involved in community efforts advocating education as a primary defense.


Jenny Radcliffe

Jenny Radcliffe, also known as “The People Hacker,” is a world renowned Social Engineer, hired to bypass security systems through a no-tech mixture of psychology, con-artistry, cunning and guile.
A “burglar” for hire, she has spent a lifetime talking her way into secure locations, protecting clients from scammers, and leading educational simulated criminal attacks on organisations of all sizes in order to help secure money, data and information from those with genuine malicious intent.
Jenny is a sought after keynote speaker, panelist and moderator at major conferences and corporate events, both in-person and online, and is a multiple TEDX contributor. An entertaining educator, she is the go-to guest expert on the human element of security, scams, cons and hacks and has appeared on numerous television and radio shows, as well as online media and traditional press outlets.
She is also the host of the award winning podcast “The Human Factor” interviewing industry leaders, writers, bloggers, experts, fellow social engineers and ethical conartists about people and the stories connected to security. Jenny was recognised as one of the top 25 Women in Cyber in 2020 by IT Security Guru, and as a Top 50 Women of Influence in Cyber in 2019. She was nominated for the prestigious “Godmother of Security” award in 2020 and won the “Most Educational Security Blog 2020” and top 30 women in cyber/cyber leaders (pandemic leadership) 2021


Gillian Painter, Head of Membership and Engine, The Investment Association
As Head of Membership and Engine, Gillian is a senior member of the IA Enterprises management team. Engine is the IA’s Innovation hub and FinTech accelerator. Since its launch in October 2019, Gillian has managed the growth of Engine which now encompasses an ecosystem of over 130 firms, innovator programmes, as well as a regional co-working hub in Birmingham and an international programme. Engine is focused on innovation and transformation for the investment management and wealth sectors providing an extensive programme of thought leadership, resources and connectivity. Gillian has a strong experience in technology having worked in technical and operational roles for global IT and telecom firms.


John Allan, Senior Operations Specialist, The Investment Association
John is responsible, among other things, for fund operations at The Investment Association (IA), supporting IA member firms through operational challenges and developments, the application of emerging technology and regulatory change. Prior to joining the IA, John has held roles at BMO Global Asset Management and BNY Mellon in fund operations roles covering the UK, Ireland and Luxembourg.

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