UK Fintech Pledge: Fostering Productive Partnerships

Wednesday 21 April 2021 |
 2:00 pm
 – 3:30 pm


Wednesday 21 April 2021

Start Time:  

2:00 pm


Event organised by Tech Nation


Launched in autumn 2020 by the Fintech Delivery Panel, the UK’s Fintech Pledge sets globally leading standards for the establishment of partnerships between the UK’s largest financial institutions and fintech start-ups.


Join Tech Nation’s webinar during UK Fintech Week to hear all about the Fintech Pledge – its origins, ambitions and implementation by the first round of signatory banks. They will be diving into the difference it’s making for fintech firms, and discussing the steps insurers are also taking to break down barriers for future fintech collaborations.



  • •   Welcome & Introduction
  • •   Panel: Banking on Innovation and What is the UK Fintech Pledge?
  • •   Panel: Breaking down Barriers to Innovative Insurance
  • •   Networking on Remo

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