Your Cloud, Your Way

Thursday 26 October 2023 |
 4:00 pm
 – 6:30 pm


Thursday 26 October 2023

Start Time:  

4:00 pm


The Investment Association, Camomile Court, London EC3A 7LL


This is a unique opportunity to find out more about increasing the resilience and sustainability of your cloud ecosystem with a flexible and secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering.


This seminar is your gateway to understanding how METCLOUD & HPE GreenLake can revolutionise your organisation’s approach to secure cloud computing by giving you the simplicity and agility of the public cloud, while also delivering the performance, security, governance, and compliance of on-premises infrastructure.


If you’re looking to modernise your cloud environment with access to cutting-edge functionalities like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, advanced analytics, or tighter cybersecurity controls, all while remaining compliant and on top of your ESG responsibilities, don’t miss this opportunity to find out how METCLOUD & HPE GreenLake can get you there.


Register your interest and join METCLOUD & HPE in uncovering the truly transformative potential of HPE GreenLake. Find out how it can drive your Financial Services organisation to excel in an ever-evolving digital landscape where security, compliance, and efficiency are just as important as meeting your customers’ needs.

Tailored for Financial Services:

Discover HPE GreenLake’s unique approach to the specific challenges and requirements of the financial sector by ensuring legislative compliance, data privacy, security, and much more.


Optimal Resource Usage:

Learn how HPE GreenLake’s use of public cloud-like functions hosted inside your on-premises data centre can help you optimise your resource utilisation and run your workloads closest to their data.


Agility and Innovation:

Find out how HPE GreenLake can help your organisation continually innovate to give your customers faster and easier access to new products and services that help you stay relevant in the digital-native age.


Operational Excellence:

Hear about real-world case studies and success stories from financial institutions that have harnessed HPE GreenLake to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and achieve operational excellence.


Networking Opportunities:

Connect with fellow professionals, industry experts, and HPE GreenLake specialists to exchange insights, strategies, and best practices.

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