The Challenge

In a world where investing is increasingly driven by data and computational power, the cost and complexity in harvesting these twin pillars favours the largest asset managers and index providers.  Many players in the industry don’t have the resources to compete individually or find it too expensive to do so.

The Solution

2RSQUARED slashes the resources and cost required to create data driven investment products.  Our technology and services are designed such that each of our partners can create their own unique investment content and outsource everything else. Using 2RSQUARED, each partner gains access to a state of the art technology and capabilities they would not have had with an internal build.

Given our mission of democratised access, a key focus is ease of use. Sophisticated investment strategies can be built and analysed using the full power of the cloud via a simple web interface and without a single line of code

The Importance

For data vendors, the potential addressable market increases as we enable our clients to easily explore, analyse and test data in an investment setting with minimal resource spend from you or the client.

For asset owners, wealth managers and asset managers, we enable you to harness the power of data to boost your investment skill, access the newest technology to transform product capabilities and enhance digital engagement with stakeholders.

For future trends, we believe personalised investing is key, designing investment processes around the objectives of the stakeholder, whether for ESG, risk or performance objectives. We make scalable personalisation possible.

Next steps

Please get in touch via [email protected] to schedule a demo or visit our website www.2rsq.com to find out more.

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