The Challenge

Non-financial risk management remains a pervasive data challenge.

Risks and controls lack clarity, consistency and connectivity to other key data. Risk management decisions are still based on trust, not facts and well-informed analysis.

Tick-box RCSA exercises, GRC tools and Microsoft Office create unconnected data silos that offer limited insights and prove problematic when trying to build and maintain an effective operational risk management structure.

The status quo is inefficient, ineffective and unsustainable given escalating financial, regulatory and stakeholder pressure. Asset managers are missing the opportunity to collaborate and increase industry-wide resilience, due to disjointed solutions and single firm-insight.

The Solution

Acin’s award-winning SaaS-based platform provides a single source of truth for operational risk management. Data shared by Acin’s peer-to-peer network of global financial institutions is digitised and analysed, enabling more effective management of non-financial risk and controls.

Our industry-wide network enables peer-to-peer benchmarking giving invaluable insights to manage operational risk. Elimination of associated manual process reduces costs and Acin’s data structures and network standards bring clarity and consistency not seen before in operational risk data.

Acin Terminal houses your digitised data, and is also your window to the Acin Network, which informs better non-financial risk decisions, mitigates risk and reduces losses.

The Importance

Acin is pioneering a sea change in operational risk management for both individual firms and the industry as a whole.

Amid heightened regulatory scrutiny, Acin is helping to bolster operational resilience and reduce or avoid regulatory fines and other costs associated with ineffective operational risk management. This leads to more effective use of capital and resources and protects reputations.

Acin harnesses the collective strength of a peer-to-peer network and the digitisation of operational risk data to help mitigate risks for financial institutions.

Acin is building confidence and stabilising economies, which will benefit us all.

Next steps

Contact us to:

  • See how you can gain control and eliminate inefficiency for your firm by aggregating your operational risk data into a single source of truth and automating manual risk management processes.
  • Join forces with Acin and grow our asset management network in our quest to increase operational resilience, enable comparative benchmarks and create stability through shared learning, digitisation and collaboration.

Paul Norris, Head of Asset Management
[email protected]

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