AM Insights

The fund data platform built by fund researchers.

The Challenge

99% of asset manager distribution teams don’t add value. Yet that is the secret to their success. Fund buyers are increasingly busy, and in a crowded market, adding value is the only way to be heard by fund buyers. But adding value isn’t easy. It means truly understanding your funds, and how they differ or fit with peers. Distribution teams currently rely on outdated factsheets or occasional peer analysis from over-capacity colleagues. And that’s because fund data platforms are a nightmare. Old, clunky, not available on mobile. Or so difficult to use, you need a PhD to figure them out.

The Solution

AM Insights is the fund data platform built by fund researchers. A tool so user-friendly, even the team ‘dinosaurs’ love it. Available on any device so distribution teams can investigate client holdings on the way to a meeting with them. And we don’t just give you the platform. AM Insights provides end-to-end coaching & support from award-winning fund researchers. Helping distribution teams to get the results they want.

The Importance

With pressures mounting from scale, costs & fees, it’s predicted a sixth of asset managers will be gone by 2027. Distribution teams not adding value will be targets. Help guarantee your future with a tool and training that transforms how your team operates.

Next steps

Find out more at or email us at [email protected].

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