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The Challenge

Regulatory reporting and risk monitoring are now both considered high priority for most firms in the financial industry. Yet despite the growing reliance on quality data, analytics and insights to remain compliant in both of these areas, the tendency is still for them to be run on separate systems and monitored individually. Firms that are still collating their data in this manner are not only making it more time consuming and difficult to respond to regulatory queries, but are also missing out on rich data insights which could prove beneficial to their business as a whole. We take a unified approach in this respect and provide a consolidated platform that delivers data management, risk profiling and monitoring, compliance workflows and reports all in one cloud based solution. The AQMetrics platform seamlessly integrates multiple sources of data into a common golden data standard. A central, ‘golden data’ source means all your information is available in one place, making responding to regulatory queries a much simpler task.

The Solution

AQMetrics enables simple, reliable and cost effective risk management and regulatory compliance through the use of technology. Our cloud platform uses smart technology to integrate risk and regulatory solutions, allowing our clients stay compliant with existing and emerging regulations. We are focused on delivering trusted solutions to leading asset managers, investment managers, and fund administrators globally. The AQMetrics Global Regulatory reporting hub provides regulatory reporting for AIFMD Annex IV, Form PF, CPO-PQR, Form 13F and MiFID II Transaction Reporting (2018).

The AQMetrics cloud platform serves both global fund administrators and the individual asset manager. AQMetrics takes a unified approach for existing and emerging regulations, by providing a consolidated platform to deliver data management, risk profiling and monitoring, compliance workflows and regulatory reporting all in one cloud based solution. The AQMetrics platform seamlessly integrates multiple sources of data into a common golden data standard. By using a common data source, the quality of the regulatory reporting improves and risk insights can be aligned with the regulatory reports. With global regulatory reports supported, there is no longer a requirement to combine inhouse solutions with third party software. The key benefits that differentiates AQMetrics are Easy Data Collection

Store and auto-load static data
Flexible data integration for holdings and transaction data
Real-time validation of data on load
Calculation of notionals/deltas for derivatives
Aggregation of fund exposures
Online editing of data, fully audited Data Validation
Intuitive workflow for data collection, report validation and approval
Full audit trail on report actions
In built field validations mirroring the report schema rules
Drill down into aggregates, providing transparency on calculation methodology
Side-by-side comparison of reports over historic filing periods Ensuring Customer Success
Access to AQMetrics online knowledge base, sharing information gathered across peer group
Support from our Customer Success team of regulatory reporting experts, fund accountants, quants and risk experts.
End-to-end service, straight through to regulator portal

The Importance

By leveraging AQMetrics advanced technology and extensive understanding of the regional and global regulatory landscape, financial firms can be better prepared for regulatory changes as and when they happen. Further information security and cyber resilience are core to the AQMetrics DNA. AQMetrics has undertaken the ISO27001 certification programme. This provides assurance to our customers, that the confidentiality, availability and integrity of their data will be protected and preserved. AQMetrics demonstrates excellence and differentiates itself from competitors not only with its comprehensive regulatory reporting functionality, but also through its experienced staff, its collaborative approach, its dedicated customer success team, its robust technology, and its deep legacy system integration skills, enabling firms to leverage existing investments and fully prepare for emerging regulations. AQMetrics is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as a Data Reporting Service Provider.

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