Archax Ltd

Archax is a global, regulated, digital asset exchange, brokerage and custodian based in London. Founded by experts from the financial markets world and backed by an accomplished advisory board, Archax offers a credible bridge between the blockchain-centric crypto community and the traditional investment space. Archax was the UK’s first FCA regulated digital securities exchange, broker and custodian. It was also the first firm on the FCA’s Cryptoasset register too. Archax has been designed specifically for institutional investors to trade in all types of digital assets, from cryptocurrencies to digital securities. It is built using existing, proven, resilient, scalable, high-performance exchange infrastructure, hosted in top-tier datacentre space, and integrated into existing institutional trading workflows.

The Challenge

The financial services sector is still challenged by the complexity associated with digital markets. Inaccurate reporting, unpredictability of regulatory change, and highly-fluid market dynamics present significant challenges for institutions seeking to access digital assets. As more institutions enter this space, they will face new complexities in areas such as custody solutions, portfolio risk management, compliance and counter-party engagement. Furthermore, nascent legal frameworks can complicate matters further for inexperienced firms.

The Solution

Archax’s technology enables market participants to overcome the challenges posed by digital markets. Our institutional-grade platform provides a wide range of reliable solutions, from digital asset management platforms and custodial services to sophisticated risk management systems and integrated trading tools. Archax also provides clients with access to a global network of liquidity sources, enabling them to take advantage of new investment opportunities in the ever-changing digital space, while ensuring adherence to all applicable regulations are kept in check.

The Importance

More and more financial institutions are exploring digital markets opportunities, but traditional challenges remain a barrier to entry. There is a growing need for reliable and compliant solutions that can help institutions navigate the ever-changing digital world. Archax’s technology not only provides new opportunities, but also ensures adherence to all applicable regulations through our platform’s secure solutions and integrated trading tools. As the first firm on the FCA’s Cryptoasset register, we are well placed to provide market participants with valuable insight, knowledge and guidance through this exciting new space.

Next steps

Contact us for more information here or register to the Archax platform to become a member. Alternatively reach out to [email protected] and we’ll be in contact.

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