The Challenge

The investment management industry is shifting- leading funds are combining human intelligence with data driven decisions, achieving phenomenal results. As more funds use machine learning techniques to enhance performance, data science isn’t “nice to have” for capturing alpha, it’s essential to avoid an informational disadvantage; accelerating the demand for skilled data scientists to manipulate financial data and implement solutions. They’re a scarce commodity, command hefty salaries and often move firms, taking experience and IP with them. Starting internal operations is time-consuming, scaling harder still. Additionally, it’s difficult for PMs and DS to cooperate, as they rarely speak the same language.

The Solution

Auquan is the portfolio manager’s data science platform – we enable you to reinforce your existing investment decisions with data driven insights. Solutions are across the entire investment workflow, and depending on where you are in adopting data science, Auquan can help in three stages:

Getting you comfortable with using data: we combine, gather and prepare data to give you access to newer datasets you’re not even currently looking at
Finding patterns and relationships in these datasets to draw alpha insights that feed into investment process
Assisting you to make better decisions through forward looking, predictive models

The Importance

Besides our internal team of data scientists, every solution offered by Auquan harnesses the intelligence of a global community of 15000+ machine learning engineers and specialised experts with backgrounds in diverse skills like natural language processing, computer vision and deep learning. Quite similar to an expert network, we regularly tap into the knowledge of our community to constantly enhance and update our solutions. This means our solutions are never static, they always incorporate the newest, latest, best in class techniques. which are thoroughly back-tested, validated and combined into a bespoke solution by Auquan.

Next steps

We’d love to connect with Portfolio Managers & CIOs in the Asset Management & Hedge Fund space.

Please reach out to [email protected] & [email protected].

We’ll schedule an introductory meeting to understand the pain points in your investment process and specifically where you see potential improvements. We can then show you a demo of some of our base tools, and show you how we can tailor them to your investment style.

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